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Our lifts are built by real people with real life experiences. The paths our employees take to get to where they are now are all different; Brittany Young’s journey to Rotary Lift is no exception to this. Her current position at Rotary came from her determination, willingness to never give up and her ability to accept change.

“I started working at Rotary in November of 2017,” says Young. “My favorite part about working at Rotary is the people.”

Brittnay-TalkingYoung works closely on the Flex Mobile Column Assembly line. This job entails coordination, organization and responsibility – things Young told the hiring interviewees she would excel at if given the chance.  

“I have a lot of great teachers, which makes my job easier, but I still must lead and organize others which can be difficult“ says Young. “I was a little worried when I started working here that I would stand out in comparison to the other people who work here.”

Since the journey that brought her to Rotary Lift was not as typical as some, she had fears of not fitting in. From the video above, you’ll see that these fears soon diminished, and Young is no longer worried about standing out.  

workIN_logo“I started this journey as part of the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council before I was allowed work release,” says Young, who acquired a welding certificate through the Work INdiana program. This program allows an individual to improve their academic skills in an Adult Education classroom and earn a career certificate.

“Without the program I might’ve been released without the job skills I have now and resorted back to my old lifestyle,” says Young. “The skills I gained through the program gave me back the confidence and hope I had lost before.”

One of the main wishes Young has for 2019 is to speak at schools and share her story more.

“I think if I could just share my journey, what I’ve been through and how I came out on the other side, then they [the kids] may be able to relate and take something from my story that might help them to make the best decision when put in a tough situation,” says Young.

In her time away from work, Young enjoys spending time with her family, taking care of her 13-year-old nephew and playing with her dogs.


So, what is a lift assembler’s dream lift you ask?

“A FLEX lift, duh!” says Young. “I might be a little biased since I work on FLEX lifts, but they’re mobile and versatile, which makes them useful for many different jobs.”

Take Young’s word for it and check out ROTARY FLEX for yourself!