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Proudly built in Madison, Indiana, USA

Scissor Lift – V-REX | Heavy Duty Vertical Rise Lift


Capacity: 44,000 – 80,000 lbs


The V-REX is a vertical rise platform scissor lift that offers clear spans of space in and around a massive lifting structure. With capacities between 44,000 pounds and 80,000 pounds, this lift is designed to pick up large trucks, heavy equipment and anything else you can think to drive on it, like FIRE TRUCKS filled with water! (within the rated capacity).

The clear span design gives you ultimate clearance around the lift, while the specially designed platforms are engineered with the industry’s lowest deflection rates. A brand new leg design manages all this heavy lifting on rotational hinge links. Limited sliding components and heavy-duty bearings ensure a long lift life. These same legs move in a rotational fashion optimizing the efficiency while providing strength.

A Patent Pending internal stroke measuring system keeps the platforms level while operating. This system is housed in the cylinder itself protected from the elements and rated for submersion. The short stroke cylinder is further protected by our high strength abrasion resistant steel locking system. The proven negative rake system that prevents slipped locking hazards with other lifts. These features are proof once again that Rotary engineers every detail in lifts we build. The industry’s lift leader, creating the best heavy-duty platform scissor lift on the market, the V-REX. (insert dinosaur roar!)

The Rotary Lift advantage highlights the additional features that make a Rotary Lift something special, versus other lift manufactures that just look at putting as little in their product as possible to get by. Images of these features and description are listed below.

  •  Microprocessor controlled equalization
  •  Rotational hinged positive force leg design
  •  Surface or flush installation
  •  77 inch vertical rise
  •  Tubular torque box platform design with little deflection when loaded
  •  ALI Gold Certified (VRX80-48X)

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Open front and rear, clearance through entire middle of lift with a high vertical rise of 77 inches from the surface. 


32 inch wide platforms provide plenty of room for larger vehicles, like Mraps.


Wheel stops and automatic wheel chocks in the rear of lift provide positive stopping points.


Communication cables are protected in an energy chain.


The V-REX’s leg design features rotational hinge links with composite and UHMW bearings. They rotate and pivot rather than slide to increase efficiency and reduce wear. The 2″solid steel leg construction performs better than plate/ tube combinations which can flex and create stress points.


Platforms have wider runway top plates for an increased drive on area. Non-skid surface provides additional traction while on the lift.


Large torque box design with engineered tubular steel in the runways decreases deflection seen regularly in competitor’s lifts.


Maximum force short stroke hydraulic cylinders utilize leg design to lift with little movement.


Microprocessor controlled equalization a patented technology that is incorporated inside the cabinet and cylinder to directly measure cylinder stroke. 


Cylinders are housed around Rotary’s abrasion resistant steel negative rake high strength locking system. Protecting the system components and the technicians at the same time.


Specifications VR44 VR64 VR80
Capacity* 44,000 lbs. 64,000 lbs. 80,000 lbs.
Maximum Rise Bottom of base to runway top 77 3/4” 77 3/4” 77 3/4”
Collapsed Height 16 – 1/4” 16 – 1/4” 16 – 1/4”
Rise Time 90 seconds 90 seconds 90 seconds
Runway Lengths 28’, 30′, 32’, 36’, 48’ 28’, 30′, 32’, 36’, 48’ 28’, 30′, 32’, 36’, 48’
Overall Lengths With standard 10’ approach ramps 38’, 40′, 42’, 46’, 58’ 38’, 40′, 42’, 46’, 58’ 38’, 40′, 42’, 46’, 58’
Width of Runway 32” 32” 32”
Overall Width 109” 109” 109”
Distance Between Runways 45” 45” 45”
Motor 15hp / 20 hp 15hp / 20 hp 15hp / 20 hp
Electrical Standard 3ph, 208-230/460/575 3ph, 208-230/460/575 3ph, 208-230/460/575
Number of legs 4 4 4
Minimum Floor Thickness 6” 6” 6”
*44K, 64K and 80K capacities for all runway lengths. 44K and 64K capacities for 36’ runway length only.      

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    Michele R Covington

    We need a copy of the owners manual for this lift marked Rotary and it has a 50,000 lb capacity.

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