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BIM Library

Download BIM Content / Revit Families for Rotary Lifts

Rotary Lift is pleased to offer BIM content for download and use in Revit projects during the design process. With more products used in vehicle repair shops than any other brand worldwide, Rotary Lift has been the recognized industry leader in vehicle lifts for nearly 90 years. This innovation and reliability is now available in the form of Rotary Lift Revit files that can be easily downloaded and inserted into Revit projects at the click of a button. All data, specs, and product information is included, so you have everything you need for your project. Browse and download Rotary Lift BIM objects today!

assistPRO Facility Planning

Facility Planning assistPRO

Professional Facility Planning Assistance

You need the best in facility design, we can help you get there… fast! Whether your facility has 5 lifts or 500, an accurate layout is an important step to maximizing your space, efficiency, and profitability. Each year we assist over 350 customers like you with facility planning for service centers and vehicle storage projects. You can’t afford costly mistakes that may prevent your facility project from being completed on time.

An accurate layout is an important step to maximizing your space, efficiency, and profitability. We work directly with you, your local distributor, equipment program managers, and architects using the latest tools and techniques, to develop an efficient and capable service area to fit your needs. We will happily consult with you on any project you may need to analyze.


With Rotary assistPRO, you get:

  • Custom layouts of your facility with vehicle turning radii and traffic flow analysis based on the vehicles it will service
  • Online, CSI 3 part product specifications through ARCAT®Spec Wizard®
  • Information-rich Rivit® BIM models
  • A dedicated website for architects with 2-D CAD blocks, written 3-part specifications, and product selection tools.
  • Rotary is an approved AIA provider assisting architects in earning CE credits.
  • Building Information Modeling objects updated regularly

BIM Library

I only use Rotary assistPRO first – then the architects use their recommendations. That’s the confidence I have in Rotary’s knowledge and experience. When it was crunch time and I needed something right away, the folks in Rotary’s assistPRO program were right there for me..

Mike Barbone

Service Manager, Paul Miller Land Rover


Facility Planning

Make the best lift selections for growing service needs now and in the future


Facility Layout

Show workspace around each side of the vehicle during servicing


Product Selection

Vehicle turning radii and traffic flow analysis that match the types of vehicles you service



Your service facility with all lifts placed to provide maximum productivity and shop efficiency

Get in touch with design engineers to help create a custom facility layout.



One of the services we provide and just an example of how we're here to help your facility be successful and productive.

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Larry Kendall is here to take your calls and help with facility planning, architectural questions and just about anything that needs attention when laying out your shop with lifts or wheel service equipment.  Feel free to give Larry a call at: 1.800.445.5438 ext 5627

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