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Mobile Column Lift – MCHM19 | Flex MAX | Powered by RedFire™


Capacity: 18,800 lbs.

The latest and greatest in heavy duty lifts, shops are choosing the Flex MAX wireless mobile column lift because it offers the ultimate in mobility, versatility, and flexibility. It provides the same remote-controlled flexibility as the Flex, plus added operational controls at each column giving technicians the choice to work in the most comfortable, productive and efficient way possible.

  • Powered by Redfire®
  • Flex MAX single column controls allow users to set up and cycle lifts from any column
  • Wireless remote-controlled system for easy mobility and control of all columns anywhere in the bay
  • Four mobile columns accommodate everything from light-duty passenger vehicles to heavy-duty trucks
  • Each column includes LockLight™
  • Digital gauges display vehicle height and weight
  • ALI Gold Certified (MCHM418U100)

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RedFire’s exclusive software eliminates the need for cords, keys or chips. Wirelessly control the lift from anywhere in your shop.


Faster Setup

For faster setup and operation, techs simply follow the control commands. And the remote control auto-detects and connects when communicating with the columns.


Remote Control

The remote control provides an info screen, a joystick control, a lower-to-lock button, and Press Protect™, which eliminates accidental button presses. 



The Flex MAX’s LockLight™ technology features a light on each column that indicates when the lift is set on its locks.


Specifications MCH219 FLEX MCH419 FLEX MCH619 FLEX MCH819 FLEX
Column Config. 2 4 6 8
Capacity 37,600 lbs. 75,200 lbs. 112,800 lbs. 150,400 lbs.
Rise 70″ 70″ 70″ 70″
Lifting Cycles 15 – 20 15 – 20 15 – 20 15 – 20
Column Width 45 1/2″ 45 1/2″ 45 1/2″ 45 1/2″
Approximate Tire Size 9″ – 24″ 9″ – 24″ 9″ – 24″ 9″ – 24″
Clearance/Fork to Column 10″ 10″ 10″ 10″
Speed of Rise 78 secs 78 secs 78 secs 78 secs
Charging Voltage 110v charger* (call factory for alternate voltage) 110v charger* (call factory for alternate voltage) 110v charger* (call factory for alternate voltage) 110v charger* (call factory for alternate voltage)

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    Austin Navas

    I would like to know if you do have Mobile Column Lift – MCHM19 | Flex MAX | Powered for sale, If YES kindly let me know the major credit cards you accept as form of Payment. I will await your immediate response.

    Capacity: 18,800 lbs

    Best Regards,
    Mr.Austin Navas

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      Mr. Navas,
      We received your email and will be getting in touch to help with your request. Thanks

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