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At Rotary® we know what the most important feature is on all of our products. The people building them.

Meet the craftsmen that make our lifts so great.

Rotary Lifts Built By…

Kaleb Harmon

Column Forming for the SPO16/20

Bryn Eubank

Column Welding for the FLEX Mobile Columns

Sean Gabbard

Carriage Welding for the FLEX Mobile Columns

Josh Goodin

TRIO Arm Welding for the SPO16/20

Phyllis Gates

Column Assembly for the SPO16/20

Brian Peck

Wiring Assembly for the FLEX Mobile Columns

Brandon Taylor

Parts Burner for the SPO16/20

Larry Bird

Carriage Welding for the SPO16/20

Jack Hamm

Column Welding for the SPO16/20

Wayne Earls

Paint Line Operator for the SPO16/20 


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