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Wheel Service Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our Tire Changers, Balancers, and Alignment Systems

Answers to the questions we field the most here in our home offices of Madison, Indiana.

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Do you stock product in Madison?

Yes, we have a large inventory of Wheel Service product in Madison IN

What is the warranty for Wheel Service serialized product?

1 yr. labor, 3 yr. parts

What is the shaft size on your balancers?

All Wheel Service balancers have a 40-mm shaft.  This is the industry standard and if the customer has older equipment that had/has a 40-mm shaft any of their aftermarket accessories will work with ours.

On the R1080Plus Baysaver 3D how long do the batteries last on the camera heads?

At full charge, the batteries typically will last an 8-hour workday.  The software when not in an adjustment mode and no activity will shut off the cameras saving the battery life.

What is the “life” expectancy of the batteries on the R1080Plus?

Under standard use, the camera batteries should last up to about 3 years.

Does the alignment console need to be in front of the rack?

No – because there are no wires the console can be off to the side of the work bay. This is because the cameras talk to the console/unit via Bluetooth technology

Does tire lube ship with your units?

Yes – all Rotary Wheel Service Tire Changers ship with one tub of tire lube

Does Rotary Wheel Service equipment include set-up and training ?

Yes, all serialized Rotary Wheel Service equipment includes set-up and training.  Training consist of a basic understanding of how your new equipment works.  Please note, this does not include how to balance wheels, change tires, or align vehicles. This training is only on how the Rotary product operates.

How do I find my local service center?

You can find a list of local service centers by accessing our public website navigate to the Wheel Service page and click on “Wheel Service Installers

How do I get vehicle specification updates for my alignment machine?

Vehicle specification updates can be purchase through your local service center/distributor.  Once purchased the specifications can be downloaded into your alignment machine.

How should I shut down my Alignment System?

It is very important to properly shut your alignment software down properly, the correct method is to close the alignment software by pressing the F1 or (RED) key at the software home screen.  Once the software shuts the unit down it is now safe to turn the power switch to the off position.  *Note – your battery charging station will still charge with the units switch in the O or off position.

Why is the swing arm screw important?

Properly adjusting the positioning screw on swing arm type tire changers will greatly reduce the chances of damaging wheels.  The mount/demount tool should be roughly 1/8″ off of the wheel.  Using the swing arm adjustment screw will assure that the tool head does not move back in introducing potential damage

Why is lube your friend?

To assure that a tire changer is being used at it optimal performance, it is important to apply tire paste/lube to the tire both when demounting a tire (even if it is going in the trash) as well as mounting a new tire.  This will also greatly reduce the risk of damaging/tearing the tire bead.

What's the best way to ruin and new Tire Changer?
  • On tabletop versions, never leave tools or accessories underneath the table.  This can cause damage to the rotating distributor/airlines when the table spins.
  • On tabletop machines, avoid using clamping jaw teeth to clamp alloy wheels internally, which will damage the rim.
  • Never assume the TPMS is safe, always position in the proper place before proceeding.
  • Avoid any metal to metal contact when changing a tire, always use proper tool head.
  • Always use the proper amount of lube when mounting / demounting.

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