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Scissor Lift – RLP77 | Low Profile | Double Section



Capacity: 7,700 lbs.

The RLP77’s sleek, low-profile design works really well in shops with small spaces. It provides a flawless platform for quick service or fast repair work. And the Synchrodrive Equalization system maintains platform equalization while you lift and lower—something you won’t find in the competition.

  • Low-profile design with integrated folding ramps
  • Full diamond plate powder-coated platforms
  • Composite high-strength steel construction
  • Intuitive console controls
  • Flush and surface-mount options
  • ALI Gold Certified

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Synchrodrive Equalization System

The hydraulic system that maintains platform equalization during lift and lower cycles also prevent out-of-level situations in the event of an obstruction in the scissor lift. There are no electronics or sensors that can fail, and there are fewer moving parts for easier maintenance.



Ramp ends fold 65º down and away in order to provide more access for wheel and brake service.


13 inch long underhung ramps with rollers maximize rubber block footprint, increasing reliability, and protect unlevel floor installations.


The RLP77’s composite high-strength steel construction and powder-coated surface ensure a long life for your lift.


26 Lock Positions featuring our negative rake tooth design. Locks ratchet over each other then interlock when lift it lowered to those locks.


Easily access slider blocks for regular maintenance, see instruction manual for more details.


Adjustable lift dampener eliminates end of downward travel sudden impacts. Lifts not equipped with this slam into the floor causing damage to shop/lift and create an unwanted loud noise. 


Stainless Steel Kicker Rollers provide long-lasting protection to critical contact points. 


Kick Plate eliminates corrosion on high contact wear area. 


Engagement and release of ramps are easily attainable from any angle of the lift, improving technician accessibility. 


One Piece Formed Diamond Plate Platforms. Maintain Rubber Block Positioning. Increase Drive-Over Traction.


Composite High Strength Steel Scissor Legs, Patent Pending.


Scaled Up Control Console Design with Filter, Regulator, Lubricator assembly suppressed in side of cabinet, fully hinged door and top. 


Filter, Regulator, Lubricator assembly suppressed inside of the cabinet.


Synchrodrive™ Equalization System, a hydraulic cylinder system that does the lifting work equally.

Pictured is the RLP77 collapsed to its 4-1/8 inch height off the floor. Outriggers on either side allow you to pull wider wheel base vehicles over the lift while still picking up the vehicle via the platform.


Specification RLP77
Capacity 7,700 LBS.
Rise 78-5/8″
Lowered Height 4-1/8″
Overall Length 85″
Overall Width 85″
Runway Width 24-3/4″
Width Between Platforms 23-5/8″
Platform Length 59″
Motor/Voltage Single Phase – 4 Hp, 60Hz, 230V
Compressed Air Connection 85-110 psi
Time of Full Rise 39 seconds


Product Reviews

6 reviews for RLP77

  1. blank

    Juan M Londono Lopera

    More than a review, I would like to know if lifter must be acnchored to ground or, there is the possibility of leaving it free for free re-location

    • blank


      The lift must be anchored to concrete per the installation instructions. The lift can also be relocated by simply removing the anchor points in the current concrete location and reestablishing them in properly placed concrete with new anchors.

  2. blank

    Grandpa Bob

    what is the concrete thickness required?

    • blank

      Rotary Lift

      Minimum requirements for concrete are 4 inches (102mm) minimum depth, with steel reinforcement, cured to 3000 psi (20684 kPa). Floor should be level within 1/4 inch (6mm) under each platform area. No anchors should be installed within 2-1/2 inches (64mm)of any crack, edge, or expansion joint. There should be no floor seam under ramp roller locations. If these conditions cannot be met, a pad may be poured to accommodate the lift.

  3. blank


    The lift is great when it works. I have had nothing but issues with mine. Will work great for a couple cars and then randomly the cars will get stuck in the air, come down uneven which is very dangerous. I was told that if you lift different types of cars then that is when you will have the issue. There has been no remedy for the situation, only to have a tech come out to get the car off of the lift. This has been going on for a couple years now. Every time that we put a car in the air we have to worry about if we are going to be able to get it down. Would not recommend this if you want ease of use and no problems!

    • blank

      Rotary Lift

      We’re sorry your experience with the lift isn’t 100% satisfactory. Will you please send us an email at [email protected]? We would like to get your information and find out what can be done to help remedy this situation for your shop.

      Rotary Team

  4. blank

    lonnie jones

    what’s the price

    • blank

      Rotary Lift

      We sell through a network of distributors across the country who set the price of our product. I’d be happy to help you get in contact with your nearest distributor to find out more. You can do this as well here:

  5. blank


    Can this lift a Porsche 911? Wheel base is very short.

    • blank

      Rotary Lift

      You should be good. It’ll lift a Mini Cooper which only has around 2 more inches of wheelbase than your Porsche. The platform lengths are 59″ and the ramps would then fold down so you can work wheels free if you wish. We hope this helps answer your question. Thanks for considering Rotary Lift.

  6. blank


    Lift slave cylinders failed within 3 years. Do not recommend buying this lift. Was quoted almost 12k to have them replaced by john percy services.

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