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Make A/C Work a Breeze with the

Fully Automatic R3AC Series


Rotary now provides a full line of A/C machines or A/C carts to help you solve any A/C problem you may encounter. Make a major difference in your vehicle servicing and maintenance endeavors. See below for what Rotary A/C machines have to offer!

Learn the key features of the R3AC Series.

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What are A/C Machines? 

A/C machines repair air conditioning in vehicles by recycling, recharging and recovering A/C refrigerant. Rotary A/C machines handle these tasks providing you with the best A/C machine lineup available!

What We Have to Offer!  

Rotary’s R3AC series A/C machines are a testament to versatility, efficiency, and innovation. These portable A/C machine powerhouses—R3AC50, R3AC60, and R3AC80—are designed to cater to a wide spectrum of A/C service requirements, making them indispensable for automotive professionals and enthusiasts alike. 

R3AC50: Recharging R134a refrigerant has never been this fast & easy!

R3AC60: Recharge vehicles using today’s newest refrigerant gas up to 50% faster!

R3AC80: The dual gas machine that services 100% of today’s vehicles!

Starting at $5,100*

(*excludes tax, shipping and applicable rebates

or promotions)

Starting at $7,503*

(*excludes tax, shipping and applicable rebates

or promotions)

Starting at $11,368*

(*excludes tax, shipping and applicable rebates

or promotions)

Simpler - Machines automatically check and display oil and refrigerant levels.
Quicker - Dual-fan evaporator increases speed and efficiency of reclamation process.
Smarter - WiFi-enabled carts provide automatic vehicle data updates and more.
Now you can service more vehicles, minimize labor time and maximize profits with Rotary’s all-new line of automatic A/C diagnostics and recharging equipment. Exceptional construction quality and an easy-to-use control panel ensures fast, maximum gas recovery. Plus, while the machine is doing its job, your technicians can focus on other tasks thanks to the mobile app that allows you to monitor the machine from anywhere in the shop.

A/C Service Solutions Built for Serving the Shop

Model Number R3AC50 R3AC60 R3AC80
R134A Gas Compatible
R1234YF Gas Compatible
Vehicle Data Options
Gas Identifier
Purity Check
Industrial Touchscreen
WiFi & Remote Printing
TeamViewer™ Onboard Support
Searchable Cloud Storage of Customer Data

How to Purchase Our A/C Machines!    

Ready to take the next step? Contact a distributor today to learn more about our A/C machines and how they can benefit your business. Our team is here to assist you with any questions and provide you with the best A/C solutions. 

With any A/C machine you select, we know you’ll find the perfect fit for your automotive service needs. Don’t miss out on the best A/C charging and recovery equipment available!  

Want to learn more about the R3AC Series?

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