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Mobile Column Lifts

The faster and easier choice for your maintenance facility.

Rotary mobile column lifts consists of four or six columns with adjustable wheel forks for different wheel sizes and is the faster and easier choice for your maintenance facility. Faster because of the set-up time and lifting speed beats the competition hands down! Easier because there are fewer cords to wind up and fewer steps required by the technician to put the lift in service.

Mobile Column Lift Buyers Guide

Flex Your Shop 

Power In the Palm of Your Hand

Lift from anywhere in the bay with Mach™ Flex powered by RedFire™.
Rotary reinvented the mobile column lift—again. With our industrial-grade remote control, you can now get a 360-degree view of the vehicle while moving freely around the bay.

Mobile Column ROI Calculator

Our labor savings calculator is fast, too.

1. What is your cost per labor hour?

2. How many hours are required for a typical repair order?

Time savings with a Rotary lift:

Labor cost savings per repair order:


3. How many repair orders per bay do you perform a month?

Hours saved per month:

0 hours

Monthly labor cost savings per lift:


4. How many bays?

Time savings per repair order:

0.00 hours

Hours saved per year:

0.00 hours

Annual labor cost savings per lift:


Total potential labor savings:


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