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Lift Parts

If it’s not a genuine Rotary part, it’s cheap.

When your equipment needs parts, you need genuine parts from Rotary—and no one else. Our parts protect the value of your lift or wheel service equipment. Other parts may be less expensive, but they can come at a much greater cost.

The value of OEM parts.

Less expensive parts can cost a lot more than genuine OEM parts. Because they’re often not made of the same material, their performance life isn’t as long—and that can lead to more downtime. It can also mean that the manufacturing tolerances aren’t the same, which can lead to equipment damage. Of course, that leads to more downtime, too. And we all know what more downtime means: less revenue. Stick to genuine Rotary parts. They’re good for your equipment and good for your business.

Rotary Quality

We build and design parts specifically for your equipment. All of the precision, detail and uncompromising standards that went into your equipment also go into our genuine Rotary parts. When you purchase genuine Rotary parts, you can rest assured that you’re getting superior quality, the latest design advancements, competitive pricing, fulfillment within 24 hours and the best service available in the industry. And if you’re looking for a custom part, look no further. Custom parts are available for most of our lifts and wheel equipment.

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