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Think of it as a toolbox. It’s everything you need in one place.

Whether you’re looking for a guide to buying a new lift, a guide to the lift you already own or an answer to a simple question about our equipment, you’re in the right place.

Lift Installers

Wheel Service Installers

Buyer's Guide

There’s a lot to consider when you’re buying new lifts and wheel service equipment. These guides will walk you through the most important considerations when you’re buying a new piece of equipment for your shop.


Find everything you need to know about our lifts and wheel service equipment in our product brochures—from installation requirements to innovative features to customization possibilities.


Sometimes, it’s easier to learn by watching and listening instead of reading. Our videos will show and tell you everything you need to know about our products and their features.


When you have questions, we do our best to have the answers handy. Check our FAQs to the most common questions about our equipment and service.


We have engineers constantly improving our products. These manuals provide installation instructions, usage guidelines, and parts breakdown. You’ll have what our professional installers have.

Government Purchasing

We’re here to help you navigate the area of Government purchases in an informed way to make larger purchases easy.

AssistPRO / BIM

Download BIM Content / Revit Families for Rotary Lifts


Streamlined, easy to manage equipment installation

Press Releases

Innovation and engineering delivered to you electronically

Company Vision

We’re always pointed to the future, it’s where we engineer, it’s where we think, and it ensures we’re focused on what you need in the lifting industry. We’ll look back to our heritage and history because it’s nice to remember, but we know what you need to lift vehicles, it’s our vision!

Innovation Nation!

In 1925, Peter Lunati designed, built and patented the first fully hydraulic automotive lift and gave rise to our industry and our name. Since then, we have worked to continuously improve the design, engineering, and functionality of our lifts – and we aren’t stopping anytime soon.


Rotary has a legacy of doing things to help make service technicians lives easier. Our founder was a service mechanic who was tired of working in a pit and on his back. This is our legacy, this is our commitment to the people who work as hard as our lifts do.

Lift Buyers Guide

Why does Rotary Lift sell more professional lifts than anyone else in the world? The answer can be summed up in one word.


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