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SPOA10-AV | Two-Post Asymmetric Lift with All-Vehicle Lift Arms


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Two-Post Asymmetric Lift with All-Vehicle Lift Arms

Capacity: 10,000 lbs.

Introducing the ONE LIFT to service them all! The next evolution in vehicle lift technology has arrived. Accommodate all vehicle types under 10,000 lbs. with the industry’s original and best-selling asymmetrical lift, now featuring Rotary’s NEW All-Vehicle (AV) Lift Arms.  

These revolutionary, patent-pending arms provide technicians the ability to lift and service practically all roadgoing vehicles on ONE LIFT (within the lift’s rated capacity), including: 

  • Battery Electric 
  • Exotic Low Profile   
  • Truck Frame 
  • Unibody Cars & SUVs 
EASY SPOTTING & POSITIONING – Get more vehicle in the shop and on the lift faster with easy spotting and superior lifting capabilities.
HIGHEST CAPACITY LOW-PROFILE LIFT AVAILABLE – Easily spot lower profile vehicles with the industry’s lowest profile arm height available of any 10,000 lb. capacity
LOWEST ADAPTER HEIGHT IN THE INDUSTRY – The outer arm and adapter height are the same measurement reducing any possibility for the arm to contact vehicle underbodies.
Comes standard with adjustable round, truck and stackable adapter extensions


ULTIMATE IN LIFTING VERSATILITY – Service any vehicle within the lift’s rated capacity with the shortest arm retraction and largest pickup range of any two-post lift.


Reach small, specific pick-up points on EVs – AV arms and adapters are designed with the needed clearance to remove propulsion batteries.


  • 3 3/8” minimum adapter height
  • 20% more reach than 3-stage arms with thread-up adapters
  • 30% larger arm sweep than conventional 2-stage arms with flip-up adapters
  • Comes standard with adjustable round, truck and stackable adapter extensions
  • Available with SHOCKWAVE™
  • ALI Gold Certified

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BL = Blue  RD = Red
Standard with round & truck adapters
81 1/2″
84 1/2″
Overall Height 11′ 11 1/2″
with SHOCKWAVE Power: 12′ 5 1/2″
Overall Width 11′ 5 1/2″
Drive-Thru Clearance 95 1/4″
Inside Columns 107 1/4″
Front Arm Reach: Min/Max 18 1/2″ / 41″
Rear Arm Reach: Min/Max 27 5/8″ / 58 1/4″
Min Adapter Height 3 3/8″
Speed of Rise Standard Power: 45 seconds
with SHOCKWAVE Power: 25 seconds**
Speed of Descent Standard Power: 40 seconds
with SHOCKWAVE Power: 19 seconds**
Ceiling Height Minimum 12′ /12′ 6″ with SHOCKWAVE Power
Min. Bay Size 12’x24′

* Rise measures the highest position of the adjustable adapters with use of supplied adapter extensions from floor to full cylinder stroke.
**Actual rise and descent times vary depending on vehicle weight.
Heights and widths reflect standard settings. 2 post lift standard colors are red, blue and black.