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{{cta(‘1a5e6a70-d704-46d7-8090-06a31a3014e1′,’justifyright’)}}A rifle in the hands of a good marksmen is capable of hitting targets at a great distance. If you take the same rifle but add a scope, you have increased the range significantly. The rifle is the same but the performance was enhanced by the addition of an accessory. The same can be said for automotive lifts. A standard Rotary Lift is a beast in any shop and capable of performing at very high levels, but add certain accessories and you can increase the productivity tremendously.

Rotary offers a variety of accessories for our full line of light and heavy duty lifts. Here is a quick list of the must haves for your shop:

Spotline™ Laser
The Spotline laser can be installed on a two-post lift’s overhead bar or elsewhere above the work area of a drive-on or inground lift. It projects a straight green line directly into the middle of the vehicle service area when automatically activated by its motion sensor. Simply center the line on the vehicle hood and dash while pulling into the bay. Spotline makes backing out of the bay just as easy. Originally introduced as part of Rotary Lift’s Shockwave™ package for two-post and SmartLift® inground lifts, Spotline is now available in a retrofit kit that’s compatible with most lifts, regardless of brand.

Before any under vehicle service is performed by a technician, a lift should be set securely on the mechanical locks. Improper use can result in technician injuries and may be subject to thousands of dollars in fines from agencies such as OSHA and CCOHS. LockLight provides an instant Green Light visual confirmation when a lift is lowered to its locks. Getting your techs to ensure the load is setting on the mechanical locks will reduce wear on vital lift parts such as the cylinder and cables.  With LockLight™ a simple glance down the row can show whether a lift is on the locks, letting your service manager deal with the more important issues, like who keeps stealing all the donuts from the break room.

Rolling Jacks
For those of you who have a 4-post workhorse in one of your bays, consider adding a set of rolling jacks. By lifting either the front, rear or both axles, you turn your runway lift wheels free, allowing for tire, break and suspension work, all with the same 4-post lift. Pneumatically driven they make lifting the vehicle a breeze. They easy move fore and aft on the lift by utilizing the easy glide wheel system. Available in 4500lb, 6000lb and 7000lb. capacities, we are sure to have a set right for your shop.

Door Defender
As simple as it is necessary. Since time is money(as everyone in your shop is aware) sometimes your technicians can get caught up in the hustle and swing a customer’s door right into the carriage of a lift, costing you money and probably a customer. Rotary’s door defender allows technicians to easily enter and exit the vehicle without damaging a customer’s vehicle. The door defender is a low profile solid rubber guard designed to fit over the carriage of a 2-post lift. Easily installed with the supplied adhesive, grab a door defender and set your mind at ease.

If you would like more information or to purchase one these or any of Rotary full line of accessories, please contact one of knowledgeable and friendly Rotary Authorized Installers or click below for our Genuine Rotary Parts Locator.

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