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RAI_logoSo, after doing all the homework, you have made the right decision and decided to buy a Rotary Lift. Get ready for years of lifting ease. Our lifts have many great options and capabilities. But there’s one thing they cannot do -install themselves. You have a few options when it comes to setup.  1) You can leave it in the shipping material and have a nice piece of abstract art,  2) You can install it yourself, provided you have the correct tools, knowledge and ability or  3) You can call a Rotary Authorized Installer(RAI), and let the pros take care of it. Though it is possible to install a lift on your own, we highly recommend RAIs for several reasons. They are factory trained and re-certified, fully bonded/insured and with the industry’s largest support network, there’s probably one close by.

In order to hold the title of Rotary Authorized Installer, you must attend and pass a training and certification class.  The training process for RAIs is extensive, robust and in depth.  We provide an on-site, hands on training experience, where we ensure that our installers understand every aspect of the installation process and adhere to those guidelines on each install.  As we put out new equipment, we update our training and required on-going re-certification. The class includes actual installation of Rotary products as well as classroom instruction from different segments of the Rotary team, i.e-customer service and engineering.

Insurance in this industry is important. With so many potential dangers in a shop, covering your assets is a must. We understand this, which is why we require all RAIs to be fully insured. This gives you piece of mind, knowing that the job will be done correctly and you have backing if there were to be any issues. Along with insurance, each RAI is required to have an ALI certified inspector on their team as well. This ensures that the lift being installed will be done to the correct specifications.

RAIs are also a great partner to have even after the install is complete. They can perform your scheduled maintenance, as well help perform repairs if there should be an issue. They are required to stock common replacements parts, meaning no wait, and no out of commission bays costing you money. RAIs are also the only avenue to get genuine Rotary replacement parts. Genuine replacement parts are important for the performance of your lift as well as maintaining the factory warranty.

Rotary Lift is proud to offer the family of installers. The partnership is very important not only to us, but important for our customers. The RAIs are the face of Rotary in the field, and many times the experts when an issue occurs. If you are looking into getting a Rotary Lift, or currently have one and want to see the nearest RAIs, check out our RAI locator below: