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Summer is just about here, and so is the busy A/C season. Your customers value comfort in their vehicles and convenience with service – but does your shop have what it needs to accomplish both?

If not, you’re missing out on an effective way to expand your service capabilities and increase customer retention.

Adding A/C service gives your shop several advantages.

Bringing A/C service in-house allows your shop to widen its range of services to include full repairs and common maintenance issues like recharging and recycling refrigerant and checking for and repairing leaks, all of which provide additional revenue streams.  Plus, your shop controls the entire process from start to finish and can ensure high-quality parts are being used and the service is done right the first time.

Offering complete A/C service also benefits your customers because they can get A/C work done while their vehicles are in your shop for other things. This allows for quicker turnaround times and happier customers, which strengthens your shop’s reputation.

Another benefit is improved efficiency.

With specialized tools and equipment specifically designed for A/C service, technicians can work quicker and more accurately. This leads to better quality repairs and reduces the chance of comebacks, which also adds to customer satisfaction – and you can achieve all of this with one component: automated A/C charging carts.

Here’s why these machines are a great addition to your shop:

  1. Faster Service Time

Automatic A/C carts allow your technicians to focus on other tasks while monitoring the carts from the convenience of an app. They are also the perfect addition to any maintenance bundle – something customers appreciate – and help your technicians service more vehicles with less labor time.

  1. Satisfied Customers and More Revenue

Convenience is critical for customer satisfaction. By getting their A/C service done faster and more accurately, they’ll be more apt to spread the word about your shop’s great work, which brings more vehicles to the bay and higher revenue to your business.

  1. Ease of Use

Your technicians will appreciate how easy machines like Rotary’s single or dual-gas R3AC Series A/C carts are to use. These Wi-Fi-enabled carts provide full recovery, recycle and recharge capabilities through a mobile app, automatically check and display refrigerant levels and deliver the fastest gas changeover in the industry.

Click here to learn more about Rotary’s A/C service equipment line and get your shop ready for more customers and revenue this summer!