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IMG_0993.jpgRotary builds the “world’s most trusted lift,” and that is a fact. Many of our lifts sold over 20 years ago are still in use today. We strive to build each lift to highest of manufacturing and quality standards, in order to provide you with a valued piece of equipment that your shop can depend on for years to come. However, for those times you might need it, another aspect of offering a world class lift is providing a world class warranty.

Rotary offers a robust warranty and though we hope you never have to utilize it, here are few common questions, along with some helpful hints to get the most out of your lift and warranty.

Q: What is the warranty on a Rotary Lift?
A: Your warranty will depend on what type of lift you purchase. For light-duty lifts, less than 30,000lb capacity, there is a 5-year structural parts warranty, along with a 1-year labor warranty and a 1-year functional parts warranty. Heavy-duty lifts offer a 1-year warranty on both structural and functional parts, as well as a 1-year labor warranty.
**Hint: You can increase the light-duty functional parts warranty to 2-years by having your lift installed by a Rotary Authorized Installer(RAI).

Q: What parts are considered structural?
A: Structural parts are considered the carriage, columns, yokes, arms, runways, baseplates and plungers. Basically any part of the superstructure itself.

Q: What parts are considered functional?
A: Functional parts are considered to be power units, cylinders, hoses, cables, sheaves, latches, adapters and lift controls.

Q: Are there extended warranties available?
A: Yes. Extended warranties are available for all complete light duty lifts models, and on select heavy-duty models. In order to purchase extended warranties, the lifts must have been installed by a RAI. The purchase of the 3 year parts extended must occur within the first 12 months of the original invoice date.

Q: Where can I find my nearest Rotary Authorized Installer?
A: We have a RAI Locator on our site, that will provide you with the nearest RAIs in your area. You can also call Rotary Customer service at 1-800-640-5438 for more information.

Though our lifts can be installed by customers, we strongly recommend that one our thoroughly factory trained RAIs perform the installation. Also, our RAIs are available for service, and inspection after the install, so you would have a friendly local face to help keep your lifts in tip-top shape.

If you have more questions regarding Rotary’s lift warranties, or would like information on how to purchase a lift, please reach out to one of our local distributors.