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MADISON, IN, November 9, 2023 — Rotary®, part of Vehicle Service Group (VSG), a Dover company, debuted its new, patent-pending All-Vehicle (AV) lift arms at the 2023 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas last week. The new arms are a breakthrough innovation from Rotary designed to make it easier for automotive service professionals to correctly spot and lift nearly any vehicle make and model – including next-generation EVs – using a single lift.

As vehicle designs continue to evolve in recent years, selecting the right lift equipment is becoming more of a challenge for automotive service professionals. As a result, shops have had to utilize multiple types of lifts to provide full service or offer limited service on some vehicles due to space constraints.

The new Rotary AV lift arms allow for maximum reach and retraction to properly lift all vehicles within the rated lift capacity using OEM recommended pick-up points. Both large and small shops can now easily lift EVs, imports, and luxury vehicles and will never have to turn business away because of the inability to properly lift specific vehicles.

“Whether retrofitting an existing Rotary SPOA10 series lift or installing a next-generation lift system with the AV arms, shops will have the only automotive two-post lift they’ll ever need,” said Jason Matthews, Director of Product Management for Rotary.

The unique arm design eliminates the need to re-spot vehicles to properly reach OEM recommended pick-up points, offering another example of how Rotary is ‘Serving the Shop’ and helping shop owners and technicians run their repair operations more efficiently maximizing labor time and cost savings.

Among the numerous benefits the new AV lift arms bring to the automotive service space, Rotary highlights the following innovative features of the product:

  • Full clearance on EVs for easy battery removal and service
  • The shortest arm retraction in the industry by up to 9 inches (ideal for EVs, SUVs, and unibodies in addition to standard vehicles)
  • A 30% larger pickup range than conventional two-stage lifts for easier vehicle spotting
  • The lowest profile arms for a two-post lift in the industry designed for working on low-profile vehicles without interference.

“A lot of people talk about the importance of future-proofing automotive service shops to prepare for the surge in EVs,” Matthews added. “This is all that and then some. It’s helping shops prepare to service more vehicles, optimize operations, and increase profits.”

For more information about Rotary’s AV arms and whether your lift may qualify for an upgrade, visit:


About Rotary:
In 1925, Peter Lunati designed, built and patented the first fully hydraulic automotive lift and ushered in a new era in vehicle service with the ‘Rotary’ name. Nearly a century later, Rotary has grown to become the world leader in vehicle service and repair shop productivity with global operations extending from our headquarters in Madison, Indiana, throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia. Rotary is committed to ‘Serving the Shop’ and has purposefully designed equipment to work seamlessly to support shops in the safest, fastest and most efficient way. Rotary offers solutions for vehicle lifting, wheel service, diagnostics and calibration, alignment, A/C service and more – supported by world-class training and customer service and backed by the most comprehensive national distribution and service network. Rotary is part of Vehicle Service Group, an operating company of Dover Corporation’s Engineered Products segment. For more information, visit


About Vehicle Service Group:
As an operating company of the Dover Corporation, Vehicle Service Group (VSG) offers the world’s premier brands in vehicle lifting, wheel service, collision repair and aftermarket OEM equipment. With over 95 years of experience, we design, test, manufacture, sell and support our products with one thing in mind: our customer. For more information, visit

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