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Deposits, withdrawals, service fees and interest charges make balancing your checking account a tedious process and a chore that many people dislike. Luckily, with the Rotary R155, balancing a tire is much easier. Speed, accuracy, easy to use and economical are the guidelines we used to create the R155. Rugged and dependable enough to be the workhorse of a high-volume tire dealer with an easy to use interface making it perfect for the repair shop technician learning curve.

Time is money, and obviously the more time you spend on balancing the less money your shop can generate. With the R155’s fast 6 second cycle time, you can get the readings you need to get the tire balanced and your customer back on the road. Mounting a tire to the R155 is fast and easy as well. Simply use the supplied speed nut and one of the 3 cones allowing you to secure the wheel in no time.

Accuracy is crucial when balancing a tire. A fraction of an ounce can cause premature tire wear or even unsafe driving conditions for your customer. The R155 laser measuring system is accurate and dependable. The R155 can be calibrated by following the simple on-screen instructions. Keeping your machine calibrated will ensure accurate readings producing the most accurate balances possible. Calibration can be done on the measuring arms by touching fixed points on the machine. Calibrating the spindle is also easy using a 15” wheel and tire, and the supplied hammer on weight.

Regardless of your shop size or type, the R155 will fit like a glove, giving you the years of service you have come to expect from a Rotary product. If you are looking to add a balancer to your lineup, download our Balancer Buyer’s Guide for more information.