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There’s a reason why regular two post and four post lifts are industry standards—they’re reliable and sturdy, and most techs are used to working with them. But in shops and dealerships that regularly deal with truck fleets, buses and vans, standard lifts don’t cut it. You need a more versatile solution that can handle heavy duty capacities and give you greater control and visibility during lifting. What you need are Flex Max mobile column lifts, powered by our Redfire® remote. There are many reasons why.

Freedom in the way you work.
One of the first things to know is right there in the name, these lifts are mobile; so there’s no concrete installation process. Not only does this give you more flexibility in how the lifts are positioned in your shop, but it also significantly reduces your upfront costs and setup time. With mobile columns, you can work on vehicles wherever you have the space. And when you’re not working with them, they can be stored off to the side and out of the way.

Another kind of mobility that sets Flex Max apart is the mobility of your technicians. Our mobile column lifts are the industry’s only wireless, remote-controlled lift product line. The columns themselves are battery-operated with an on board charger. This completely eliminates the clutter and potential risk of having cords on the ground in the work area.

Our unique RedFire remote-control system gives techs the ability to control the columns from anywhere in the bay—no more standing at each column and waiting for it to sync. The remote-control system automatically syncs with each column, guiding the technician through the process and reducing setup time, every time. It’s a customer-favorite feature.

Safe and flexible configuration.
There’s also flexibility in the number of columns you use. Depending on the type of vehicle you’re working on, you can use two, four, six or eight columns to ensure secure lifting that your technicians feel safe working around and under. You also have a choice of 14,000 pounds or 18,000 pounds of lifting capacity per column.

Another important safety feature is Rotary’s LockLight™ technology that shows technicians at a glance whether the lift is resting on its mechanical load-holding locks. A bright green light on the columns illuminates when the locks are engaged, so techs know right away when it’s safe to start working. It’s also worth mentioning the obvious: standing to work is much easier on the body than lying on a creeper, which could potentially save you from dealing with costly back injuries that put techs out of commission.

Easy to use with reliable support.
We included a number of features that make setup and operation of the lifts a breeze. Software updates are completed automatically, without cords, keys, chips or even opening the lift panel. There are also easy-to-move adjustable forks, a protected hydraulic cylinder, an automatic spring-loaded breaking system with integrating steering and a lower-to-lock button. And, of course, like any other Rotary lift, Flex Max mobile columns are ALI-certified for your peace of mind.

For questions on purchasing a Flex Max mobile column lift, contact your local Rotary Authorized Installer. Or, to learn even more about buying mobile column lifts, check out our mobile column buyers guide.

Mobile Column Lift Buyers Guide