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Form is everything.  Start with feet shoulder width apart, bend at the knees and use your legs to…Oh wait, this is free wheel lifting not free weight lifting.  Whoops.  In that case, free wheel lifting is way easier, many lifts allow you to have wheels free access, and the machine can do all the lifting, not you. What is free wheel?  It’s just as it sounds, lifting a vehicle and having “free” access to the wheels so technicians can perform jobs like tire changes, rotation and brake work.  Here is a breakdown on how each lift is or can be equipped for wheels free lifting:

2 Post Lift

Two post lifts are inherently wheels free because the majority of them are frame engaging.  This means that their arms reach under the vehicle to specified pickup points and use the strength of the frame to support the car while it is being raised and lowered.  Since the lift is engaged by the frame, this allows the wheels to spin free and thus a technician can do the necessary maintenance.  Many, if not all, two post lifts are designed as wheels free and require no additional components to perform wheel related jobs.  However, if you want to make your technician smile and maybe even get on his Christmas card list, consider adding an accessory like Wheel Wings, this will save them time and a stop at the chiropractor.

Inground Lifts

Inground lifts are great for many reasons. They are space savers, most have much smaller footprints that their above ground counterparts. They are eco-friendly, since most inground lifts are self-contained, they make for a greener option for your lift needs, and they are wheels free right out of the gate.  Inground lifts are wheels free, for the same reason as two post, they are frame engaging.  The vehicles drive into the lift and arms swing under and engage the frame.  This makes for easy access to the wheels and brakes and makes the technician’s work a breeze.  If you want even more productivity, equip your inground lift with Shockwave™ and speed it up.

4 post Lifts 

Four posts lifts are generally the red headed step child of the lift world.  Many feel they are bulky and don’t perform as many tasks as a comparable two-post.  This is simply untrue.  Four posts, properly equipped can perform the same jobs as a two post, and then some.  One big feature of a four-post is the ease of spotting, it allows even an inexperienced technician to drive right on and not require any assistance. Four-posters can also be equipped with alignment tools, something a two post cannot offer.  Getting a four-post wheels free is an easy task as well.  Many lifts can be equipped with jacks between the runways, that pick the vehicle up by the axles thus freeing the wheels.  By adding a simple set of Rolling Jacks to your four-post, you literally can have a one stop shop lift, capable of performing the toughest of engine work, alignments, and wheel related tasks.

Mobile Column/Portable Column Lifts

Have you ever needed to lift a vehicle outside or perform a job on an offsite location?  Then mobile column lifts may be what you are looking for.  Mobile columns allow for portability both in your shop, and to offsite locations.  Mobile columns in conjunction with Jacks Stands, allow for a wheels free option.  Simply raise your vehicle to the desired height, slide in and adjust the jack standsand lower the vehicle down until the stands engage.

By adding a free wheel option to your shop you can open up potential revenue you may have been missing.  If you would like to know more about how to go “wheels free” download our info sheet here: