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For many shops, making the best use of floor space is a bit of a jigsaw puzzle. From where to store tools to how you can fit in the most bays, it all takes some planning. And when you think about purchasing a new lift, determining how and where to install it is a major consideration. If you’re adding a heavy duty platform lift like the V-REX to your shop, here’s what you need to keep in mind…

1. Workflow

If space is limited and rearranging isn’t possible, you may need to install the lift wherever it fits. If you can, though, think about how the equipment will work with your processes. Do you need your platform lift near a certain set of tools? Do you have a space to both house the lift and store accessories like rolling jacks? Maybe you want to cluster several platform lifts together, so one technician can have more than one job in progress at the same time. Considering the larger workflow picture can help you increase efficiency and cut down on bottlenecks.

2. Clearance Around and Above the Lift
Platform lifts like the new V-REX are designed to take up less space. This lift’s half-scissor legs allow for more vertical rise in less horizontal area than a parallelogram, and the open-front design provides a wider working zone around the legs. Even so, you’ll still need to think about the clearance area around this lift, and others, before you install. The final requirements depend on things like runway lengths, ramp approaches and the overall width. Talk to your distributor to get the full specs and requirements for the model you choose. Similarly, you’ll need to look at the rise height of the lift, consider the types of vehicles you’ll work with and allow for plenty of vertical clearance.

3. Floor Requirements

Four-legged platform lifts heft some heavy loads, and that makes adhering to the floor requirements especially important. You’ll need to consider things like:

  • Anchor size
  • Anchor embed requirements
  • Minimum concrete thickness
  • Minimum edge distance
  • Concrete PSI strength

For some lifts, you’ll also need to think about how you’d like to install it. For example, you can opt to install the V-REX lift on the surface of your floor, recessed or flush. One important benefit to note with the V-REX: It’s possible to relocate it after installation thanks to only 16 removable anchors. That means the next time you start to think about the layout of your shop floor, you can move this lift around to accommodate the new plan.

While it’s important to think about these factors as you plan where to put your lift, keep in mind that you’ll want to leave the actual installation up to a Rotary Authorized Installer (RAI). They have the expertise to install all of our lifts correctly and safely. They can also help you sort through the above considerations for the lift you have in mind. If you have questions about installation or planning, get in touch with a Rotary Authorized Installer near you.