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The days that follow a special event are difficult to handle because we know it will be a full year before we get to experience it again. Some really tough days are December 26th, the day after your birthday and the Monday after the SEMA Show. Though we can’t make Christmas or your birthday come sooner, we can help you with your SEMA withdrawals. Whether you were lucky enough to make it the show or you drew the short straw and had to stay back, here is a quick Rotary rundown.

Wheel Service
Though our wheel service line “rolled” out a few months ago, this was our SEMA debut. We had 6 pieces in the booth, including our R1150 leverless tire changer, the R501 heavy duty tire changer, R155 Pro 3D balancer and our top of the line wheel aligner, the R1080 Baysaver. Many customers were excited that Rotary has stepped in to the wheel service industry and look forward to the quality and innovation they have come to expect from us over the past 92 years. From Facebook live videos, to hands on demos, our wheel service equipment made Rotary’s booth the place to be.


Wheel service may be new and exciting, we still build the world’s most trusted lifts and continuing on that tradition, we unveiled the XA14. A 14,000lb. alignment-ready, scissor style lift, offering an impressive 198-inch max wheel base. The lift’s front radius gauge has an extended recess where multiple plates can be configured for vehicles with longer wheelbases. The configuration can handle vehicles with wheel bases as little as 85.5 inches, all the way to 198 inches, accommodating trucks and other larger vehicles.

Our booth was not only packed with wheel service equipment and the new XA14. We also had some of our industry leading lifts to show off. TheSPOA-10 TRIO, our award winning two-post lift with patented 3 stage arms for superior ease in spotting; our RLP77, a space saving scissor lift with a 7,700lb capacity and Synchrodrive™ system, which ensures a smooth rise and lowering of your vehicle; and the new MCH19FLEX mobile columns, the remote controlled mobile columns with a combined lifting capacity of 75,200lbs.