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90_Know_How.pngIf you own, work in, or have ever set foot inside an auto repair shop, you undoubtedly have seen a two-post lift. Two-posters are the workhorse of many shops and are an iconic image when you think of auto repair.  Their versatility, efficiency and small foot prints make them ideal for most shops. But, if a lift goes down, productivity is reduced, and money is lost. Keeping your two-post running safely is paramount to your shop’s financial goals.

Balance is important when ensuring your lift is working properly. A big set of speakers is capable of producing serious noise, but it’s the equalizer that makes it music. On a two-post lift, the hydraulic cylinder may move the load, but it’s the cables that keep the car moving smoothly. Making sure the cables stay in sync, ensures the load is lifted properly and not overloaded to one side of the lift. This is also a key safety component, as an unbalanced car is an unstable car. We show you the proper way to adjust your two-post’s equalizer cables in this edition of “90 Second Know How.”

Don’t have a two-post lift? No problem, we have videos on several lift related topics and will continue to add to the library.

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