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Certified-Lifts-Blog-Post---Header-PicEmployee motivation matters. Especially when you work in a business where productivity is key. In repair shops, motivated, engaged technicians get more jobs done. It’s as simple as that. They also stick around longer, keeping valuable experience in your company. Giving your employees – and your shop – a shot of energy doesn’t have to be elaborate. Here are some steps you can take:

Let Employees in on the Bigger Plan
As a business owner or operator, you’re very invested in the success of your shop. A big part of that stems from knowing/making “the plan” and seeing the larger goals you need to meet to work toward that plan. It’s harder for technicians and your office staff to see the bigger picture. So fill them in! Lay out your goals for the business, departments and individual team members, and show them how it’s all connected.

You know even the simplest repair jobs are important. Help your team members see that, and you’ll see a difference in performance.

Trust Them
Sometimes the best way to get someone to take ownership of their role and increase motivation is to give them something to own. Give your employees responsibilities and the best ones will rise to the challenge. Do you need someone to oversee safety initiatives, inventory tools or evaluate efficiency? Don’t do it all yourself. Give those responsibilities to someone you think can handle it. Having an important project can add a new sense of purpose to a position. Plus, you’ll get things done more quickly (and maybe even better) when you bring in help.

It’s worth noting that if someone shrugs off their responsibility or shies away from it, it could be a sign that they’re not the right fit for your business. Think carefully about what you value in employees and have an honest conversation with them if you don’t think they have those characteristics.

Celebrate the Good

mod35_videoIf motivation is low, it’s easy to focus on the negative. That’s what you’re thinking about. It’s the problem you’re trying to solve. But the answer might lie in concentrating on the positive. Reward employees who are doing well. Give them credit for handling those responsibilities you’ve passed to them.

Rewards can be as simple as a gift card, and they don’t even have to cost a lot. For example, you could let them come in a little later or have lunch catered for their department. The positive message from recognition will spread quickly, and a little friendly competition is motivation in itself. Seeing their co-workers get rewarded will make others reach for that reward while also raising the mood in general.

Above all, be genuine in your efforts and don’t waste your energy trying to drum up false excitement. Unless you moonlight as a motivational speaker or a cheerleader, you probably can’t rah-rah your way to a more motivated employee base. The key for most companies is to make deliberate shifts like the ones listed above. It won’t happen overnight, but when you start to make the right changes, you’ll see results.

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