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ML41YL – Saddle Cross Beam

The ML41YL is a cross beam adapter that fits into the saddles of our popular mobile column lifts, sometimes called “portables”. This cross beam accessory has a capacity of  24,000 lbs. when the adapters are placed 49” apart “spread” centered to the beam itself; and 32,000 lbs. when placed 72” apart “spread” in reference to the center of the beam. The adapter plates slide independently back and forth atop the beam itself.

This system includes two cross beams, a total of 8 stacking adapter extensions, 2 – FD2339 ALUM Extension (5”) 2- FD2338 ALUM Extension (8”) and 2 pairs of frame adapters.   The revised ML41 will also work with a variety of HD inground adapters that are sold separately.  This is an easy-to-use solution to increase the versatility of your mobile column lifts to pick up by the wheels or pick up by the frames for wheel work when using the ML41.   The ML41 is designed for our 18k & 19k capacity mobile columns.

Shown with Mobile columns in the application photo, mobile columns sold separately.

Features Include:

  • Incorporated casters for easy movement
  • Lightweight Aluminum Extensions
  • HD Adapters (Feet) to capture frame, axle or pickup point.

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