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Inground Lift – SL212 | Smartlift |Shockwave™ Available


Capacity: 12,000 lbs.

For nearly 20 years, customers have chosen Smartlift to help them get the most from their service facility – maximum productivity, minimum downtime, and a clean shop appearance. Every 12,000 lb. Smartlift includes:

  • Lightweight aluminum truck adapters with stackable adapters
  • Patented Easy Access™ cylinders which allow all routine cylinder maintenance to be done at floor level, reducing downtime and preserving bay revenue
  • Exclusive Smartguard® plungers for durability and time-tested performance
  • Exclusive locking system featuring a Patented polymer and stainless air cylinder for trouble-free lock operation
  • Fully enclosed in an environmentally friendly polymer containment
  • Smartguard® plungers for years of trouble-free operation
  • Liquid Detection System (LDS)
  • ALI third-party certified (SL212X)

Available with Shockwave™ (SL212SW) or without (SL212).


Models SL212-TA
Adapters Truck
Rise 76 3/8” – 83 7/8”
Width Overall 98 1/2”
Drive-Thru Clearance 88”
Min. Reach 31 1/2”
Max. Reach 48”
Reach (overall arm min.) 77″
Reach (overall arm max.) 110″
Min. Adapter Height 5 3/8″
Low Step Height N/A
High Step Height 7 7/8″
Lifting Capacity Overall 12,000 lbs.
Lifting Capacity (per arm) 3,000 lbs.
Guide Plunger Diameter 8 1/2″
Voltage Single Phase 208v-230v
Voltage with Shockwave 110V
Time of Full Rise/Decent 57 secs. / 29 secs.
Time of Full Rise/Decent with Shockwave 30 secs. / 19 secs.

Product Reviews

1 review for SL212

  1. blank


    You show the SL-212TA as being 208-230v with 57 second lift and 29 second decent time.

    You show the SL-212TA-SW as being 110v with 30 second lift and 19 second decent time…

    This seems like something is backwards to me… shouldn’t the lift capacity at 208-230 be the faster op time?

    • blank


      Our patented Shockwave™ lifts are faster than conventional lifts that use standard 220volt motors. Because they’re 110volt they don’t require special power runs to the lift motor. They’re faster because they use a DC power unit. They also have battery power backup if you were to ever lose power in the shop and need to get the vehicle down.

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