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Tire Changer – R140i | Swingarm Tire Changer


Heavy duty swing arm structure guarantees proper working conditions for every job. The exclusive 110v single speed motor provides needed torque and the rigid self-centering chuck with a wide clamping range handles a variety of needs. Equipped with a galvanized, double-operating bead breaker cylinder. 

  •  Standard Swing Arm Changer
  •  Top Quality at an Entry Level Price
  •  22″ Outside Clamping
  •  24″ Inside Clamping
  •  Tire Diameters of 40″
  •  Shown with optional helper

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Removable pedal unit for easy maintenance.


Galvanized cylinder with double-acting bead breaker
designed to protect alloy rims.

Optional helper arm for bead top pressing
and tire lift for large and special tires.


Technical Data


Internal clamping

13”- 24.5”

Outer clamping

11”- 22”

Max tire diameter

40.5” (1030 mm)

Max tire width

12” (305 mm)

Bead breaker cylinder power at 145 psi

15” (380 mm)

Electric motor

6,745 lbs/force

Rotation speed

7,3 rpm

Max torque turntable

885 Ft/L lbs (1200 Nm)

Power supply

110v / 1Ø / 60 Hz

Product Reviews

2 reviews for R140i

  1. blank

    Jason Hightower

    I’m working at a tire shop that has one of these, 2.5 yrs old, and its a piece of s***

    • blank

      Rotary Lift

      Would you be willing to explain what you’re experiencing with the changer and why you commented so? We’ll be happy to get to the root of the problem you’re having with the equipment.
      Send us an email at [email protected]

  2. blank

    Mike Watts

    I bought a r145 the best one and it’s a tilt back. The machine is great but I went to buy the rim protectors for replacement and they are 30.00 dollars? Any machine I’ve bought has come with a bag of them. This is ridiculous!!! I have all there Equitment in my 6 bay shop and never thought these would be that much. Come on Don’t you make enough money already. I still have my old machine I’ve had for 11 years and I still have plenty that came with the machine !

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