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Tire Changer – R1150 | Leverless Tire Changer


Rotary’s premium leverless tire changer provides your shop with a safer, more efficient tire-changing process—all while protecting your customers’ wheels from damage. The R1150 requires no tire tool. There’s no metal-to-metal contact. And it’s designed to handle the most challenging tire and wheel combinations on the market.

  • Patented leverless system
  • Quick-locking device with centering cone
  • Locking system is suitable for reverse rims
  • 220v variable-speed inverter motor

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Compared to competitor’s models the R1150 is both simpler to operate and simpler to maintain. This tire changer is powerful using a 220v inverter motor, torque is always available when needed. The driver motor offers the operator true variable speed control so rotation speed can be customizable. The R1150 is built for maximum performance and includes pneumatic help device, wheel lift, and a full range of bead clamp devices and other adapters. This tire changer is great on low profiles, runflats, exotic rims, and other specialty jobs while also able to change difficult light truck combinations such as 17.5” and 19.5” super duty wheels.


Arm head enters between bead and rim, levering on the rim
the tool pulls up on the bead, minimizing tire stress. 


Safe and easy mounting with a non-abrasive tool,
roller and rotating helper. 


Wheel Diameter

Wheel Width

Tire Diameter


Technical Data

Handles wheel diameters from

10”-26” | 12”-28” | 14”-30”

Maximum wheel width


Maximum tire diameter


Bead breaker power (each arm

2645 lbs

Bead breaker movement


Rotation motor

2Hp / 1,5 Kw invemotor 1Hp / +0,75 Kw motor

Recommended air supply

115-145 PSI / 8-10 bar

Power supply

220v / 1Ø / 60 Hz

Product Reviews

7 reviews for R1150

  1. blank

    J Skelton

    I’m a seasoned automotive professional and never have I experienced so much inefficiency with a piece of equipment. Time is money and this requires so much time for each and every job. Unhappy customers and unhappy techs.

    • blank


      We’d be happy to discuss your review and find out more information on exactly what you find inefficient.

  2. blank

    Adam Proux

    Excellent machine, very easy to use and works amazing!

  3. blank

    Cole Vandevelde

    I have worked with Coats and Ranger machines similar to this one in the past and this machine stands right along with them if not better. Ease of operation, and efficiency are big plusses with this machine. love using it.

  4. blank

    Viet Hoang

    Amazing machine, great quality, and can’t beat the price for one. Not to mention their warranty and service surpasses other brands out there.

  5. blank

    Dave Bergamotto

    This machine works excellent at our BMW dealer. The techs love its simplicity of operation. It is also several thousand dollars less than the Hunter machines !

  6. blank

    Eric Flores

    Wish I had that to say my back years ago be better than having back surgery

  7. blank


    I agree with the earlier review about this machine being inefficient. Worst machine I’ve ever used and I’ve used many since 1982.

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