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Government fleets

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Vehicles are Meant to be
on the road, not in the shop

The public relies on your fleets for everything from transportation, safety, and clear roads. You can’t let anyone down – that’s your promise.

You Can’t Afford Downtime

Whether you’re a small town or a large state, you have fleets to manage and they need to be on the roads at all times.

How can you improve your fleet repair?

  • Expand your preventative maintenance
  • Maximize your shop space
  • Ensure your equipment works when your vehicle needs repairs

Budgets Getting Busted?

You have a budget to keep, but with so many costs rising, you’re making hard choices on what to do.

How do you manage the fleet with limited funds?
  • Repairs are only part of the cost special infrastructure funding
  • You’re facing skyrocketing prices for everything from parts to fuel.
  • You need to minimize the cost of downtime

The Fleet Isn’t Getting Any Younger

You try to keep your vehicles as long as you can, so you face the risk of unexpected breakdowns – no matter how well you plan and maintain the fleet.

How can you get the lowest cost over equipment life? Rotary mobile column lifts can help.
  • You want long life from your vehicles and shop equipment
  • Low purchase prices are enticing but can backfire over time
  • You want to make sure your vehicles and equipment give you the lowest overall cost for as long as you have them

It Isn’t Easy Going Green

Not only do you have to manage the current aging fleet but you’re under pressure to replace it with EVs

Is your operation meeting sustainability goals?
  • “Green Fleet” goals can be tough to meet
  • It’s not just about your vehicles. Your equipment should be environmentally responsible too.
  • It’s hard enough to find mechanics these days and now you have to find ones that know EVs

Get the lift with less wait…
for any Weight

When you have a fleet that varies in size, you need speed and reliability at any capacity.

2-Post Lift – SPO20

Symmetric Lift
Capacity: 20,000 lbs.

Mobile Column – MCH419
Wireless Lifting Systems
Capacity: 72,000 lbs.
Ingound Lift – MOD 235
Modular Inground Lift
Capacity: 70,000 lbs.

We Know Your Work
Is a Heavy Lift – Every Day!

So turn to Rotary, the brand that more Government professionals trust. Don’t take a risk on substitutes for the best!

San Francisco MUNI

When the San Francisco Municipal Transit Sysem needed to upgrade an mondernize their maintenance facilty, they chose Rotary.

Hear how SF Muni made their decision
  • Looked at competition across a number of factors
  • Determined Rotary had reliability and experience
  • Utilize the certified installer network to get it all set up so all is covered under the great warranty

Mobile Columns

It’s so easy to use the Flex Mobile Columns from Rotary on your HD vehicle

Exactly how does it work? Click and watch!
  • Put columns in place at all wheels
  • Synchronize and configure all columns
  • Lift to desired height then lock

Serving the Shop Since 1925

City, Counry or State…
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We have the resources you need to get the job done right.

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GSA Advantage

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