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Heavy Duty_Rotary Blog

Every time your fleet needs repairs, the repair itself is only part of the total cost. Time off the road increases driver downtime and can lead to customer delays, towing expenses and more. The good news is, some repairs can be done faster with the right equipment, or detected early and prevented all together.

In the 2018 Fact Book from Heavy Duty Trucking, 43% of total maintenance and repair costs came from tires, tubes, liners and valves. The next highest category was only 12%. With tire maintenance taking up such a large portion of repairs costs in the last year, it stands to reason that the right wheel service equipment could help you proactively avoid surprise maintenance expenses in the future.

Invest now, so you don’t have to invest later. And, should a repair need come up, you’ll have everything you need to handle it yourself. At Rotary, we offer a complete line of wheel balancers, tire changers and tire alignment systems to service your heavy duty fleet quickly, safely and accurately. 

Here’s another fact: 45% of fleet managers aren’t sure whether implementing the latest technologies in their fleet actually leads to operational savings. Even as regulations change and technology advances, one thing will stay the same: your fleet will always run on tires, tubes, liners and valves that require regular maintenance. Reducing your operational costs by addressing consistent needs like these helps ensure a steadier outlook for the future of your business.


Source: Heavy Duty Trucking