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Wheel Alignment Systems

Precision Alignment Made Simple with Rotary’s Alignment Lifts and Systems 

In the world of automotive maintenance, precision is expected. That’s were Rotary’s alignment lifts and alignment systems/machines step in, delivering a game-changing edge to your shop’s capabilities. Whether you’re searching for a heavy truck lift, a standard auto shop lift, or any of our top-notch alignment machines, we have what you’re looking for!  

Adding Alignment Guide

6 Reasons to buy Rotary Alignment Systems

Alignments can be easy, save space and be inexpensive!

Alignments don’t need to be scary. In fact, they should be simple and that’s what Rotary has done with our new line of state of the art wheel alignment systems. Simply eyeballing the steering alignment of a vehicle is not acceptable, so you need equipment you can count on the job after job. You will appreciate the revenue generating power of Rotary equipment and your techs will love how easy it is to use.

Rotary’s Alignment Systems: 

When it comes to precision alignment, Rotary’s alignment systems are second to none. Our comprehensive lineup, including the R1085, R1090, R1080PLUS, R1070, R1065, and the R5000HD, are designed to make wheel alignments an effortless task for your shop. 

Why Choose Rotary’s Alignment Systems?

Precision Alignment: Rotary’s alignment systems/machines are equipped with advanced technology to ensure precise and accurate wheel alignments for various types of vehicles. 

User-Friendly: These machines feature interfaces that make the alignment process accessible and straightforward, suitable for users of all skill levels. 

Multiple Models: Rotary offers a diverse range of alignment machines to cater to different shop needs, from basic models to more advanced options. Rotary’s alignment machines are also made to handle a variety of vehicles, making them the most suitable equipment for a wide range of alignment applications. 

Cutting-Edge Technology: With advanced technology, Rotary’s alignment machines provide accuracy and quality performance in alignment tasks, enhancing the quality of your work. 

Efficiency: With Rotary’s alignment machines, you can streamline your alignment processes, saving time and increasing overall shop efficiency. 

Dependability: Our machines are long-lasting and reliable thanks to their durability and ability to endure the demands of a busy day-to-day auto shop. 

Remote Monitoring: Some models offer remote monitoring capabilities, allowing you to keep an eye on the alignment process from a distance for added convenience and efficiency. 

Why Choose Rotary’s Alignment Lifts?

Precision: Rotary’s alignment lifts, including the ARO14, AR18, ARO22, XA12, and XA14, ensure precise wheel alignments for all types of vehicles.

Versatility: Our selection accommodates a wide range of vehicle sizes. Options include above-ground lifts and drive-on truck lifts, which are essential for any shop.

Built Tough: Rotary’s alignment lifts are built to last and are crafted to withstand the demands of your busy shop.

Effortless Operation: Streamline your operations with this user-friendly equipment.

Industry-Leading: With Rotary, you’re guaranteed decades of automotive expertise and innovation. Our alignment lifts and systems reflect our commitment to excellence.

*All Rotary alignment lifts are compatible with our alignment systems.  

Elevate your shop’s alignment capabilities with Rotary! Whether it’s a vehicle alignment lift, truck alignment lift, or cutting-edge alignment system/machine, Rotary’s has the ideal solution to boost your shop’s efficiency and accuracy. Contact us today to begin the process of upgrading your shop!   

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