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Official Rotary End User Rebate Program Guidelines/Requirements

Promotion Announcement Date: August 19, 2022.
Products:   Select Wheel Service Products
Rebate Promotion “Purchase” Date Timeline: August 22, 2022 – March 31, 2023.
Rebate Promotion “Installation” Date Timeline: August 22, 2022 – May 15, 2023.


Who/What is “NOT” eligible to “file a claim” for a Rotary Equipment Rebate:

Government Agencies or Contracts, end customers outside of 50 USA States and Canada, Rotary National Accounts, Resellers, Representative Agencies, Schools, Technical Schools, Demo or any equipment classified as demonstration, used equipment, or equipment for warranty replacement/repair are not eligible to claim a rebate.

  • Equipment not listed on current rebate promotion and/or purchased outside current promotion guidelines is not available for any equipment rebate.

Rotary Reseller/Distributor inventory and customer sales

End Users can file for rebate on equipment that is purchased from a Rotary Reseller and/or pulled from their stock. All other program rules apply as listed.

Information needed by End User/Customer to file a Rotary Rebate Claim:

Serial # of the unit, Receipt showing purchase date, list of eligible equipment, and reseller name from whom you purchased the equipment. You will also need to upload a digital copy of this valid receipt as part of the rebate process.

End User/Consumer Purchase Date Requirements:

Eligible rebate products must show Invoice/Purchase date that falls within promotion dates as outlined on Rotary rebate promotion timeline. (Example: August 22, 2022 – March 31, 2023.)

Installation Requirements:

To be eligible for rebate, product must be installed and registered by qualified Rotary Partner or Agent. The install and registration date must fall within the promotion purchase date timeline and up to 45 days after the last day of the purchase date timeline. (Example: last day to purchase is Mar 31, 2023, then product must be installed on or before May 15, 2023.)

  • Rotary will validate install/registration date via our internal record system and as submitted by qualified install partners/agents. Any misclassification of install dates or bad install date records, will void payment of rebate.
  • Installation/registration dates cannot be prior to or after the rebate program dates as outlined.

Products Eligibility for Rotary Rebate:

  • Products eligible for the rebate are limited to the products called out on the Official Promotional Flyer or Rotary Website.
  • Equipment used for demonstration, used equipment, or replacement/warranty product is not eligible for rebate promotions/program.

Limit of Rebates:

Eligible for one rebate per unit, no multiple rebates allowed and can’t be combined with any other offers.

Accessories are not eligible:

Accessories are not eligible for rebate.

  • Adding an accessory or part to a previously installed piece of equipment, does not make this existing product eligible for rebate.

Payment of Approved Rebate:

  • Approved rebates will be paid via an issued card such as Visa, Mastercard or other electronic payment cards.
  • Once submitted, Rotary will validate the rebate meets program guidelines, if approved, rebate will be eligible for payment/funding within 30 days.

End User/Consumer Submittal Only

No distributor, representative agency, installer, or Rotary company personnel submitting claims on the behalf of end users/customer is allowed.

End User how to Claim Rebate and other requirements:

  • Visit our Rebate Claims Partner Websites: U.S., Canada
  • Setup your account and fill out required information.
  • Reply to email verification to activate your account.
  • Log-in to your account to start claim process.
  • Enter Promo Code: “ROTARY WHEEL SERVICE”
  • Provide Serial # and digital copy of equipment purchase receipt
  • Reminder to upload digital copy of your receipt as outlined in program rules.
  • To be a valid rebate claim, claim must meet full rebate program guidelines as outlined.
  • Must be installed as outlined in requirements.
  • No email, call in, or faxes of rebate reward request allowed, must use online submittal process.


All terms, conditions, and rules of this program are subject to change. All information or materials that are submitted are property of ROTARY and will not be returned. ROTARY reserves the right to alter and modify this program at any time with no prior notice. ROTARY reserves the right to reject claims it deems to be invalid at its sole discretion. Failure to meet the submittal rebate requirements will disqualify your rebate. This offer is void where taxed, restricted, or prohibited by law. ROTARY and their partners are not responsible for lost, late, damaged, illegible, and misdirected information submitted. Equipment must be installed and registered by qualified partner or agent prior to submission of rebate. Audits will be performed to validate the rebate.


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