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Tire Changer – R146 | Swingarm Pro Tire Changer


High performance swing arm tire changer for the high volume tire center. Exclusive 110v drive motor provides needed torque for handling today’s difficult assemblies. The large and reinforced frame adds greater rigidity to the structure and chucking table. The gear box is installed between two steel plates avoiding flex during operation. The extra height of the vertical post and tool shaft allow operation on tires to a maximum 15” (381 mm) tire width.

  •  High Performance
  •  High Volume
  •  Extra-Height Speedchanger
  •  110v Drive Motor Provides Needed Torque


Extra large frame allows for a maximum tire diameter of 46″.

New arm design for high performance,
high volume,and extra height.

Optional helper arm PLUS91SA assists in lower bead demounting,
bead top pressing, and a tire lift for large and special tires.

Removable pedal unit for easy maintenance.

Extra wide tool shaft allows operation on tires
up to 15″ maximum tire width.

Air tank is encapsulated inside the changer,
freeing up space behind the machine.


Technical Data


External clamping

10″ – 26″

Maximum torque to chuck 885 Ft/L bs (1200 Nm)

Internal clamping

12” – 28.5”

Max. tire diameter

46” (1200 mm)

Max. tire width

15” (380 mm)

Max. bead breaker opening

15” (380 mm)

Bead breaker cylinder power at 145 psi

6,745 Ft/L lbs (3060 kg)

Power supply

110v / 1Ø / 60 Hz

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