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Parallelogram | 75,000 – 100,000lbs. Capacity | 42′ – 48′ Runway Length

Parallelogram – 8 Leg

The parallelogram lift system is convenient for facilities and technicians. No column obstructions and a clear floor design allows for a productive work area. Preferred for inspection bays, routine service bays or wash bays. These lifts are easy to drive on for spotting and idea for pull through situations.

  • Runway Style parallelogram lift
  • Surface mount
  • Exclusive Mechanical Locks
  • Clear Floor Design
  • ALI Gold Certified (50/28FXXX-5)

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No column obstructions and a clear floor design allows for a productive work area. Numerous capacities and options make this lift an industry leader.
If you’re planning a wash bay area, the cantilever design proves positive for an overhang pit situation. Pull the vehicle onto the lift, raise the lift and the natural design extends the vehicle over the pit.
Pressure wash the engine, transmission and all debris falls into the pit. Just one of the numerous capacities and options that make this lift an industry leader.


Mechanical locks are position monitored,
AR500 steel with exclusive negative rake radius teeth.


Optional built-in 48” 115v fluorescent lights at the front and rear of the lift provide excellent illumination under vehicles being serviced.


Optional rolling jacks at allow the front, rear, or all wheels to be
lifted off the runways for brake, tire, alignment and suspension work.


Specification 75/48-S 75/48-F 100/42-S 100/42-F
Rise 63″ 63″ 63″ 63″
Lifting Capacity 75,000 lbs. 75,000 lbs. 100,000 lbs. 100,000 lbs
Length Platform 48′ 48′ 42′ 42′
Length Overall 56 3 3/16″ 48′ 50′ 3 3/16″ 42′
Width Platform 32″ 32″ 32″ 32″
Width Overall 109″ 109″ 109″ 109″
Height Retracted 12 7/8″ Flush 12 7/8″ Flush
Motor 20 HP 20 HP 20 HP 20 HP
Number of Legs 8 8 8 8
Min. Floor Thickness 6 3/4″ 9″ 6 3/4″ 9″

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