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Inground – GHUSLP | Increase Your Pits Functionality


A suspended pit lift rides on a rail at the floor grade area and needs specific structural requirements to safely use the product. Rotary® pit lifts have benefits that will enhance your productivity and efficiency. Pit lifts are designed for effortless moving and sliding in the pit.

Rotary Pit Lifts Increase Your Pits Functionality And Enhanced Productivity Will Increase Revenue.

  •  The standard needle roller bearings on the carriage permit effortless rolling of the lift
  •  The fine adjustment stroke allows more control when raising or lowering the lift
  •  The corrosion prevention system submerges the cylinder in oil every time the lift is raised or lowered, protecting the cylinder walls against corrosion
  •  Suspended pit lifts have large controls which make operation easy when wearing gloves


Specifications GHUSLP14 GHUSFT14 GHUSFFT14
Stroke 31 1/2″ 47″ 47″
Standard Adapter Height 4 7/8″ N/A N/A
Carriage Depth from Track 41 9/16″ N/A N/A
Height N/A 39 1/4″ 39 3/4″
Width Adj. to Pit Adj. to Pit 33 1/4″
Length N/A Adj. to Pit 42 3/4″
Cylinder Diameter 3″ 2 1/8″ 2 1/8″
Weight 683 lbs. 798 lbs. 820 lbs.
Lifting Capacity 30,000 lbs. 30,000 lbs. 30,000 lbs.

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