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As a fleet maintenance manager, even seemingly small decisions have a big impact. When your choices affect the performance of your fleet – and entire company – everything is compounded. It’s important to keep this snowball effect in mind when it comes to going green. 

The choices you make at every level matter: from the materials you use to build your shop to how you power your lifts. Your shop’s carbon footprint is composed of a hundred different decisions you’ve made. Here’s one that can make your footprint a little smaller: choosing a mobile lift with DC battery power. Here’s why:


Lower Voltage Requirements

Electricity consumption is a major factor when it comes to environmental impact. According to the EPA, “Of the total energy consumed in America, about 39% is used to generate electricity.” Your shop likely uses a lot. The MACH Series lifts can help you use less. 

That’s because the batteries in our MACH lifts can be recharged with 110V power. Those lower requirements mean you’ll consume less electricity over the life of the lift. Your technicians likely use the lifts in your shop more than any other tool or equipment, so your purchase decision here is exponentially important. When each lift is saving electricity each time it’s used, the efficiency adds up quickly.

Lower Environmental Impact at the Installation

If you opt for a lift that uses battery power at 110V, you’ll also save on installation costs and materials because you won’t have to run 220V wiring to various bays. Multiple mobile column lifts can be recharged from a single outlet – probably one you already have. Fewer new materials is always a green bonus, plus it’s less hassle and less money for you.

High Versatility

MACH Series lifts can be moved and configured for use with a variety of vehicles. Having one lift that can handle a wide range of jobs (even 144,000-pound jobs) is cost-efficient for you, and it’s also good news from an environmental standpoint. Doing more with less is a pillar of any green initiative. Put simply, using less stuff is a good thing.

Plus, using mobile lifts could save room in your shop, and a smaller shop means you’ll have lower electrical requirements (heating, cooling, etc.). Overall, you’ll consumer fewer resources and lessen your impact.

Individually, these benefits might seem small, but multiplied times every job in your shop, the green aspects of a high-quality battery-powered lift become a very big deal.

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