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Have you ever sat back and asked yourself, “Where can I find the best and most reliable information about heavy-duty vehicle lifts?” We bet you have, but even if you haven’t, you’re in luck. Today, Rotary Lift, the world’s most-trusted lift manufacturer, invites heavy-duty lift customers to join the celebration, as industry leaders come together, to promote vehicle lift safety, productivity and environmental friendliness.

As part of this education push, Rotary Lift introduces This new heavy-duty lift website is designed to help fleet maintenance managers, technicians and specifiers learn about the types of heavy-duty lifts and how to use them properly to maximize shop productivity, safety and vehicle uptime. The website features videos, articles, buyer’s guides, a labor savings calculator, lift application guide and other resources. And while you’re there, don’t forget to sign up for one of our incredibly awesome free t-shirts.

In addition to the site launch, various activities and materials are scheduled throughout the week. Each day will focus on certain aspects; from which lift is right for me, what type of lift is needed to perform certain jobs and how to safely perform those jobs. We will be sending out some great information and links on our social media platforms as well, so be sure to follow Rotary Lift on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the know. 

For more info on heavy-duty lifts and which one may be best for your shop or business take a look at our Heavy-Duty Resource Guide!{{cta(‘b8cf1814-3102-4e80-b1e7-c03448a8273f’,’justifycenter’)}}