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You need to go straight to the source to find out what keeps dealerships up at night.

This year’s NADA Show in Las Vegas gave dealers a platform to express their biggest concerns and challenges to achieving profitability in 2024. The primary obstacle? Finding new and innovative ways to enhance the customer service experience while simultaneously meeting the rising demand for service and repair work.

In today’s competitive landscape, the quality of a service center’s shop equipment can literally make or break a dealership. With sticker prices for new cars rising and drivers holding onto their current vehicles longer, dealerships need equipment they can rely on to capitalize on the repair surge. Moreover, they also need equipment that is ready to service future vehicles requiring different service capabilities and repair techniques.

“We know dealerships have a lot on the line,” said Tim Vaughan, Vice President of Sales for VSG Americas. “With more and more drivers coming in for service, you need versatile equipment that help techs work faster and on a wider range of vehicles. That, and maximizing revenue with greater uptime, is what our next generation of repair equipment was made for.”

From navigating expansions and profit pressures to preparing for the EV revolution and dealing with the ongoing technician shortage, there are a lot of challenges dealers are confronted with. Finding the right shop equipment should never be one of them.

To help dealerships meet this influx of challenges head-on, Rotary showcased its lineup of next-generation shop equipment designed to improve repair speed, accuracy, customer satisfaction and profits.

NEW! SPOA10-AV with All-Vehicle Lift Arms
Spot and lift any vehicle rated under 10,000 lbs. with Rotary’s patent-pending all-vehicle lift arms. Featuring the industry’s lowest adapter height and 30% longer reach, these arms make lifting virtually any vehicle effortless.

NEW! LT35A Lift Table and RT30 Repair Table
Rotary’s new LT35A air-hydraulic lift table easily handles heavy components like EV batteries, engines and transmissions. Combine it with the RT30 Repair Table to create an additional space with features to help you make safe and efficient repairs.

SLW210 Inground Lift
This inground lift is built with a wider stance to help you service EVs, exotics and standard vehicles. Its obstruction-free design allows for nearly 50% more under-car clearance, making it easier for techs to service difficult-to-access parts.

R3AC50 & R3AC80 A/C Carts
Boost efficiency and save significant time in your shop with our new automatic A/C carts. Each cart operates with easy-to-use, app-based monitoring to automatically recover, recycle and recharge refrigerant and deliver the fastest gas changeover in the industry. 

R1200 Levelress Pro Tire Changer
Want to take the back strain out of mounting and demounting tires? The R1200 Leverless Pro Tire Changer is designed for fast, simple tire changing, eliminating grueling, labor-intensive work and protecting wheels from accidental damage. 

R155 Pro 3D Wheel Balancer
Imagine how much more you could get done with 6-second balancing cycles. With the R155 Pro 3D, you can shift wheel service into the fast lane with accurate readings and perfectly balanced tires every time.

R1090 Pro 3D Wheel Aligner
Perform wheel alignments in any bay at any height! This wheel aligner maximizes shop space and performs accurate wheel alignments with user-friendly software that simplifies the learning curve for techs.

XA12 Alignment Scissor Lift
With the largest 4-wheel alignment wheelbase range available in its class size, the XA12 scissor lift maximizes space in even the smallest bay. Designed for a 78” to 164” wheelbase range and 12,000 lbs. lifting capacity, you can easily service cars, trucks and anything in between.

Lucky for you, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Visit for a recap of NADA 2024 and learn how Rotary is serving the shop and preparing dealerships for the future of automotive repair, while boosting production and profits!