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top 5.pngWe understand that all blogs are not created equal and some have more information that pertains to your shop than others. For us, it stings a little, because we want all of them to be just as informative as the next, but that’s just not the case. So as chosen by you, our customers, here at the top 5 blogs for 2017!



Lift Inspections: A complete list of Rotary Lift affiliated ALI-certified lift inspectorsInspection

The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Certified Lift Inspectors program includes more Rotary Lift distributor and installer employees than any other manufacturer. More than 150 Rotary-affiliated inspectors are currently enrolled in the program and on their way to achieving certification.



Asymmetrical vs. Symmetrical Two Post Liftstwo-post-lifts

If you’ve done any research into the different types of lifts available, you’ve probably come across the terms asymmetrical and symmetrical. So what do they really mean? And which one do you need?


Car Lifts Designed For Small GaragesTwoPost_ParkPlaceLexus5

If you’re in a large city then space is most likely at a premium. Options for shop growth inside the major metropolitan areas across the country are limited. So… what are your options? Well, you could relocate, but that is a road most don’t want to take – whether it be financial, or the disruption the move itself would cause the business. Is there an easier option that will save you the space you need and help you keep costs low? It’s actually a simple answer – yes. Instead of looking for more space outside your shop, take a look inside your shop.

4 Common Questions We Hear About 4-post Lifts4post-3.png

It’s important to understand how a piece of equipment will fit in your shop before you buy it. Your employees are counting on you to make the right call, and it can have a big impact on your bottom line, too. Every day, our distributors answer questions about how our lifts work as shop owners try to make sure they’re buying the right one. To help you make the right decision about choosing a 4-post lift, let’s explore some of the most common questions we hear: 

Sky’s the Limit on Outside Lifts1936PackardonRotaryLift

Can I install a lift outside? If I do, will it void my warranty? These are common questions we get on our website, and the answer is…maybe! First we have to set some terminology. “Outside” for our discussion will be just that; outdoors, with no cover, no overhang and no protection from the elements. “Open Air” is not in a building proper, but does have a roof or overhead cover of some sort and has protection from the elements; especially rain and/or snow. So the long and short of it: No to an outside lift, Yes for an open air lift.