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When it comes to properly lifting vehicles in the shop, certain challenges can arise.

From arms not retracting or extending enough to position adapters under OEM recommended pickup points to arms and adapters that are not low enough to swing under low ground clearance sports cars, technicians have long dealt with annoyances and inefficiencies in vehicle lifting. Until now.

Rotary’s new All-Vehicle (AV) lift arms simplify a critical part of shop operations, allowing technicians to lift—and service—more vehicles accurately and efficiently.

Whether retrofitting an existing two post lift or installing an entire next-generation lift system with Rotary’s AV arms, you can lift virtually any vehicle that rolls into your shop (within the lifts capacity). Now, large shops can stay ahead of the curve for easily lifting EVs, import luxury vehicles and exotic sports cars, while smaller shops will never have to turn business away because of the inability to properly lift certain cars and trucks.

The AV arms are an instant boost to shops’ productivity and profitability in several game-changing ways.

Revolutionary Design

The revolutionary, patent-pending AV arms design allows for maximum reach and retraction while staying out of the way to keep the work area clear. Additionally, the AV arms allow for full clearance on EVs for easy battery removal and service.

Lifting Versatility

AV arms feature the shortest arm retraction in the industry by up to 9 inches, making them ideal to lift EVs, SUVs and unibodies, while retaining maximum reach for trucks. The arms can reach smaller OEM pickup points (like those found on EVs) and provides plenty of clearance to ease EV battery removal. These arms are also designed for the largest pickup range—30% larger than conventional two-stage lifts—which makes it easier to spot the vehicle. faster, saving a lot of time in the shop.

Low Profile/High Capacity

Rotary’s AV arms are the lowest profile arms for a two-post lift in the industry. This allows the arms to fit under low-sitting vehicles without interference. The arms are rated at 10,000 lbs., giving techs the flexibility to lift an incredible range of cars and trucks.

Easy Vehicle Spotting

The pioneering design in the AV arms helps shop technicians properly lift every vehicle on its recommended OEM pickup points even without precise vehicle positioning. This helps technicians start service faster because they won’t have to spend lots of time re-spotting vehicles.

For more about how Rotary can serve your shop, visit the official Rotary Lift blog.