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ali_logoALI stands for Automotive Lift Institute. It was formed in 1945 by nine U.S. lift manufacturers who agreed to work together for the common good in order to develop a new trade association. ALI formed out of the concerns over the availability of raw materials used to produce automotive lifts, since many of these materials were on allocation by the government. As a result companies were beginning to use repurposed materials of questionable integrity for the manufacturing of lifts. This lead to concerns by ALI about the quality of the lifts being produced and the safety of lift operators. The focus of ALI today is still the quality of lifts and safety of the operators, which is the foundation of their mission.

The founding charter members were:

Curtis Pneumatic Machinery Co.                                   Gilbert & Barker Mfg Co. 

Globe Hoist Company                                                       Hayward Products Corp.

Joyce-Cridland Company                                                 Rotary Lift Company

U.S. Air Compressor Co.                                                   Wayne Pump Company

Weaver Manaufacuring Co.

Of the nine founding companies only Rotary Lift is still in business today, however twenty-one companies now have products certified by ALI.

ali_inspector_traingALI’s policy is to provide high quality, independent, third party certification to the lift manufacturers in a manner that promotes the safe design, construction, installation and use of automotive lift products. ALI also provides a third party training program that certifies candidates in the correct means to inspect and certify lifts currently being used in the field. ALI Inspection program trains lift inspectors nationwide to perform thorough inspections on existing lifts in order to maintain a safe level of operation. Training is held at various locations across the U.S, which includes course work and examinations, as well as hands on lift inspections guided by ALI Factory Designated Trainers. These trainings are held at different times throughout the year, with the largest class taking place in November during the week prior to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV. The “Five Days to Victory” event was sponsored by several lift manufactures, with help from the College of Southern Nevada. Over 75 potential candidates attended the event, with the goal of becoming an ALI Certified Inspector.

S3-Rotary-Lift-With-New-Gold-LabelSince its inception, ALI has been a driving force behind the safety and overall performance of automotive lifts. The rigorous certification testing, along with detailed inspections have made technicians and lift operators jobs safer. When choosing a lift, whether it be for use in your home garage, or in a 50 bay service center, make the right choice and look for the gold label.

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