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Vehicle lifts are a critical investment for your shop, ranking among the most important equipment you can have. Without their proper function, your repair work can’t proceed as safely or efficiently as required. Even worse, a malfunctioning lift can put your technicians and customers’ vehicles at risk.

While vehicle lifts are designed to be long-lasting and easy to operate, they aren’t without their maintenance needs. That is why the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) recommends annual inspections by an ALI Certified Lift Inspector on each vehicle lift.

When to Repair Your Lift

Watch for five crucial warning signs between scheduled inspections that hint at necessary lift repairs. If you encounter any of these issues, contact your service network immediately:

  1. Constantly leaking hydraulic fluid
  2. Locks or restraints not engaging
  3. Extreme wear or damage of any lift components
  4. Damage to lift arm contact points and adapters
  5. Loose concrete or cracks near the base of the posts or loose floor anchors

Basic Vehicle Lift Maintenance

Aside from recognizing the telltale signs that your lift needs repair, there are some routine maintenance tasks you can perform to keep your technicians safe, protect your customers’ vehicles and extend the lifespan of your lift.

  • Visually inspect the lift every morning before you begin service
  • Check all cables and sheaves for wear
  • Wipe down cables with a clean shop towel to feel for frayed cable strands
  • Make sure the anchor bolts are properly tightened to the floor according to specs
  • Make sure the lift is properly lubricated per the manufacturer’s directions
  • Keep hydraulic fluid at the right level
  • Keep corrosive fluids away from the lift and clean it as necessary
  • Check all adapters and arms daily for defects and proper movement
  • Make sure all warning and safety labels are visible
  • Schedule annual inspections with an ALI-certified inspector

While proactive measures help maintain your lift’s smooth and safe operation, wear and tear and unexpected problems can still occur, requiring your lift to be repaired.

Regular maintenance of your lifts is crucial for long-term dependability. When inspections are due, Rotary Authorized Installers, a nationwide group of ALI-certified professionals, provide shop technicians with peace of mind, ensuring the lifts they work around are in strong, safe working order. If repairs are needed rest assured the Rotary Authorized Installer network is factory trained and have replacement parts readily available.

For more information on vehicle lift maintenance or to get in touch with Rotary’s nationwide service network, visit our authorized installer and service locator page.