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Where the Mad and Miami Rivers merge, sits the town of Dayton, OH.  A city rich with natural beauty, and steeped in history, it’s known as the “Birthplace of Aviation,” rightfully so, as Orville and Wilber Wright were born there.  Stop by Dayton and while you are there enjoy a show, check out a museum, or a ball game.  Don’t worry about getting around while site seeing, the Dayton Regional Transit Authority has got you covered. 

The Dayton RTA is in charge of the city’s public and mass transit. Encompassing more than 66 individual routes and buses running 7 days a week; many residents of Dayton and the outlying areas depend on the RTA daily. With so much riding (pun intended) on their shoulders, there is little room for error.  This means when one of the transit vehicles has a problem, the mechanics don’t have the luxury for long and lengthy services times, and that is where Rotary lends a hand.

The garage at the Dayton RTA is equipped with several of Rotary’s in-gorund lifts.  Sporting both the MOD30 and MOD35, these lifts can handle whatever the team throws their way.  The ease of use, large lifting capacity and environmentally friendly aspect, are just a few reasons the RTA chose Rotary. “We wanted something that would protect the environment. Being self-contained, the Rotary Lift MOD Series gives you the protection you need,” says Tom Hodge, Greater Dayton RTA manager of fleet maintenance. “Everything about that lift is very earth-friendly, worker-friendly, user-friendly, and I would highly recommend it.”

In addition to the environmental benefits, Greater Dayton RTA staff also praise the MOD35’s new patent-pending pendant-only control. This custom remote control comes standard with every MOD35 lift instead of a floor console. The pendant makes it easy for technicians to operate the lift from anywhere in the bay, for more efficient spotting and lifting.

The city of Dayton makes for a relaxing and beautiful getaway, thanks in no small part to the team at the RTA. To see more of what the Greater Dayton RTA team has to say about its Rotary Lift MOD Series lifts, watch the video at or visit