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VSG_Aug_Hubspot_LP-graphic-1.pngFleet maintenance is a big cost for any company, and for some, it makes sense to move that work in-house. Doing so gives you more control over important decisions like which vehicles to repair first, ultimately helping you keep your trucks moving and making money. Before you make the move, it’s smart to have an idea of what you’ll need to change, update or invest in. Our ebook, “In-House Fleet Maintenance,” will help you sort through the process with a look at:

How much your shop can handle. It’s important to gauge what your current capacity is and weigh that against your needs. You may need to add bays, lifts and frame machines in order to accommodate the demands of your fleet.

Your team’s capabilities. From collision repair to more routine maintenance, your techs will likely see a wide variety of jobs. You’ll need to assess what types of repairs they’re able to handle and what they need training on.

Tools and parts. Keeping the right parts on hand is essential, and so is keeping your team equipped with the right tools. We’ll explore what you need to consider.

Taking a line-by-line look at what your shop has and what’s needed will help you make a smart plan when it comes to fleet maintenance. Download our free ebook to get started.