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With the ongoing technician shortage, techs of all disciplines and skill levels continue to be in high demand. Not only do you have to attract new talent, but you also have to retain your existing employees. 

So, how do you make your shop stand out to prospects while making your current techs feel valued? 

Three things to think about:

1. Work culture.
You want to make sure that working at your shop is fulfilling for any tech, whether they’re fresh out of school or they have decades of experience on their side. 

2. Shop environment.
No one wants to work somewhere that’s messy and unorganized. Tending to your shop environment can boost efficiency and make an impression. 

3. Quality equipment.
It should go without saying that the right equipment empowers techs to do their best work. The right equipment can also extend your techs’ careers by reducing injuries and keeping them safe. 

There are many reasons why techs may take one job over the other, but paying attention to these three areas will give you a solid foundation to build from. Get more tips about how you can leverage work culture, shop environment and quality equipment to recruit the best talent in our latest ebook: Next-Gen Techs.