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The vehicle repair industry is no stranger to standards, particularly when it comes to shop equipment. Over time, techs develop their preferences, and legacy tools that were purpose-built to improve repair time and accessibility are still accepted and widely used.

However, that isn’t always the case for heavy-duty dealerships and truck repair shops. As the repair needs for modern fleets evolve, older, conventional style lifts are falling behind. They are becoming less able to handle the capacities and operational control needs for proper lifting. This is where mobile column lifts provide immense value to truck shops.

Here are the three biggest advantages these lifts provide:

1. Lift Just About Anywhere

Mobile column lifts, like Rotary’s Flex Max™ as seen at SEMA 2023, can be installed at locations with an appropriate concrete slab. This provides a lot of flexibility for positioning the lifts to fit your space and significantly reduces setup time. Furthermore, you can move the lifts out of your way to do other work in the shop when they are not in use.

Mobile column lifts also provide better accessibility for technicians. These lifts are wireless, battery-operated and remote-controlled to eliminate the need for any cables or clutter in the lifting area.

2. A Range of Layout Options

Safety is the #1 concern when lifting any vehicle, and mobile column lifts give operators several options for peace of mind. Each column is rated at 14,000 or 18,800 pounds, with multiple configurations to support any type of heavy-duty vehicle you’re working on. This ensures techs feel safe and secure working under and around those big rigs.

The lifts also feature LockLight™ technology, a built-in safety feature that displays whether the lift rests properly on its load-holding locks. A bright green light indicates that the locks are engaged and secure, showing technicians that it’s safe to work under or near the lift.

 3. Simple to Use

Setting up and using Rotary’s mobile column lifts couldn’t be simpler. The easy-to-use remote-control system is a favorite feature among technicians because you can control the lift anywhere in the bay. The system auto-syncs, guiding the technician through each step and reducing the setup time without having to stand near the columns – no need to connect anything to the equipment or to even open the panel. Additionally, several key attributes make these lifts safe and easy to operate, including:

  • Easily adjustable forks
  • Spring-loaded steering & braking system
  • Wireless remote-controlled system
  • Digital gauges to display vehicle height & weight
  • ALI Gold Certified

You also get peace of mind knowing that, like all Rotary lifts, mobile columns are supported by an extensive, nationwide service network.

 To learn more about mobile column lifts or to invest in a set for your shop, contact your local Rotary Dealer today.