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pacifliftlogoWhen you think of California, what comes to mind- Hollywood, a hillside mansion, the cast of 90210? Probably all of the above, but what about a family owned and operated business with customer oriented service? That’s probably not first on your list, but that is exactly the case with Pacific Lift and Equipment Company. Nestled right outside of one of the largest cities in the world, you’ll find a 3rd generation family run business, that thrives on providing quality equipment and world class customer service.

As an intricate part of the Rotary Lift family, our RAI’s (Rotary Authorized Installers) help our customers with everything from sales, to installation and service. They are the frontline of the Rotary brand and are the face of our products and services. Today we learn a little more about one of our RAIs that has been carving out a name for themselves by focusing on the customer and delivering quality service.   

We are talking with Terry Gagnon, the President of Pacific Lift and Equipment Company:

Q: How long have you been in business?

Terry: 63 years. My father Adelbert Gagnon founded Pacific Lift and Equipment in 1953.  I grew up in the industry, listening to my father, learning about the different types of equipment and how to repair and service from about the age of 12. We are family owned. My wife and three boys all work for the company.

Paciific_trucksQ: How many total employees do you have?

Terry: It started with my father and just one old truck and now between our Southern California office and Northern California office we have 49+ employees.  My dad never envisioned that the company would become the Western states’ largest contractor for automotive dealership planning, design, and turnkey equipment.  Many of our employees have worked at Pacific Lift for 20 to 30 years.

Q: How long have you been a Rotary Authorized Installer?

Terry: We have been a Rotary Authorized Installer and Red Oval Distributor for 6 years.

Q: What is something that really stands out to you about Rotary?

Terry: American made! It’s the world’s most trusted lift for a reason! You can tell that the employees really care about putting out a quality product.

Q: What is your thought on the RAI training provided by Rotary?

Terry: Rotary provides great professional training for all of our employees! We just wish all manufacturers performed such quality training programs.

Q:Tell us why your partnership with Rotary is so important to your business?

Terry: Rotary is the most respected name in light and heavy duty lifting equipment.  They provide Pacific Lift with instant credibility in our market place.

If your shop is located in California, there is a pretty good chance that Pacific Lift can help you out. With offices in both Southern Cal.(Pasadena)  and Northern Cal.(Sacramento) they work with shops all over the state. Whether you are building a dealership from the ground up, or revamping an existing one, they have everything you need. 



The partnership with Rotary has meant a great deal the Gagnon family, as well as the employees of Pacific Lift and Equipment Company. See what being a member of the Rotary family means to the employees that make the world’s most trusted lifts. Our series “Raised In Madison” showcases the men and women that make Rotary the great company it is today. 

Raised in Madison: Rotary 2-Post Lifts from Vehicle Service Group on Vimeo.