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amhoist logo.jpgThe state of Michigan has become synonymous with freezing cold temps, giant snow storms, and residents who point to their palm to tell you where they’re from. However, many may think about the blue collar auto workers that have made Michigan proud to be the center of the automobile industry. Following in that same tradition is American Hoist Air & Lube, a family owned and operated Rotary Lift distributor whose best-selling feature(aside from great lifts) is their commitment to customer service.

American Hoist Air & Lube became family owned and operated in 1993. Ric the current owner, soon after purchasing the company brought his son’s into the business. From 2003 through today the Richard boys have become more involved with the company. They too believe in the relationship with Rotary and the support Rotary provides, as well as representing the best lift products available. Their current goal is to grow into one of Michigan’s largest automotive supply companies; selling only the best large automotive equipment. Rotary provided the groundwork for American Hoist’s philosophy and helped them develop many great relationships with customers and other vendors, which has continued to supply steady growth. American Hoist is happy to continue its great partnership with Rotary and provide their customers with the best lifts and support on the market. Competition makes them strong, and having the best product makes them confident.

Ric currently has 5 grandsons, so expect American Hoist Air & Lube to be family owned and operated for some time to come. We sat down with Ric and asked him a few questions about American Hoist’s relationship with Rotary.

 amhoist-group-edit.jpgQ: How many employees do you have?

Ric: We have 6 full-time employees, 4 part-time employees and several independent sales and sub-contract representatives.

Q: How long have you been a Rotary RAI?

Ric: We have been a proud Rotary Authorized Installer since 1994.

Q: What is something that really stands out to you about Rotary?

Ric: The customer service at Rotary is a large factor in the success of our company. We have developed many great relationships over the years and it’s nice to know they share the same values of integrity, success, and pride that we do. They certainly show they care and have never made us feel like we are just a number.

Q: Tell us why your partnership with Rotary is important?

Ric: When you are a small family business with a commitment to providing local customers great products and support, you need a great brand behind you. Rotary is that brand.

Q: What is your thought on RAI training provided by Rotary?

Ric: The training provided by Rotary is great. Small class sizes give it a personal feel and ensure everyone gets time to ask the questions. They provide a good mixture of classroom and hands on training and ensure our techs have the best knowledge and tools to uphold our great reputation for quality sales and service.