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VREX-FIRETRUCK_HDR2.pngWhen you need to lift the heaviest vehicles, you need equipment you can rely on. Our newest drive-on lift is built for the toughest jobs. The V-REX is available in 44,000, 64,000 and 80,000 lb. capacities, and it has plenty of innovative features that increase durability and reliability. Here’s a closer look at what makes the V-REX rawr:

Small Footprint, Big Capacity

This lift is part parallelogram and part scissor lift, combining the best of both. Unique half-scissor legs let the lift rise straight up, so it offers the drive-on convenience of a parallelogram, but takes up less floor space in your shop. (It can be mounted on the surface, recessed or flush.)

This brand-new leg design isn’t just convenient. It was engineered for durability. Made of 2-inch solid steel, the legs transfer lower shear forces to your shop floor, which also makes installation simpler. Plus, their hinges rotate and pivot instead of sliding, making them more efficient and longer lasting. And heavy-duty bearings ensure they can stand up to heavy loads.

Stronger Runways

Available in five lengths—from 28 feet to 48 feet—the V-REX runway is the strongest on the market. Built with as much as 5,000 lbs. more steel per runway than the competition, even our longer runways won’t give under heady loads. They’re extra-wide for easier loading, and their large torque box design features tubular steel. That makes for a rigid platform that decreases deflection and increases peace of mind.

Tech-friendly Features

Along with providing a safe working environment, which is essential, the V-REX also makes handling jobs easier for technicians. The open-front design provides lots of workspace and clearance around the legs, while the 77-inch rise provides plenty of room to work under vehicles. And unlike some parallelogram lifts, vehicles don’t have to be positioned precisely on the V-REX, which means it’s easier to load and its rated capacity is the same no matter the vehicle type or weight distribution.

On top of that, an easy-to-use console makes operation simple. Techs can program the lift to preset heights, and an optional pendant control makes raising and lowering it even easier.

An Investment Built to Last

You need equipment that will serve your techs and your shop well into the future. The V-REX is packed with features that ensure it will keep lifting for years to come. A patent-pending internal stroke measuring system keeps the lift’s platforms level while in use, reducing everyday wear and tear. These sensors are located within the cylinder, preventing damage and expensive recalibration visits. Elsewhere, the communication cables on each leg are protected by a durable energy chain, and the lift has fewer stress points overall than other lifts in its category.

All that adds up to a lift that’s build to handle tough work and also makes sense for your bottom line. If you want to learn more about the V-REX, we’re happy to help. Get in touch with your local distributor today.