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If you are new to the auto repair industry, you may not be aware of the inground lift’s long history. Their sleek design, smooth operation and space saving footprint make them a terrific option for all kinds of service facilities. Though they’ve been around for decades, there have been many recent updates that put them on equal footing with their two and four post cousins.  An inground lift, like the Smartlift® SL210 is a modern and efficient addition to any shop. So if you require an easy to use, fast, environmentally friendly and durable lift to fill a high volume bay, all while providing a great looking shop floor, then the SL210 is the way to go.

The SL210 is a perfect fit for that high volume bay where your technician needs maximum access to vehicle components. Spotting is simple by opening the arms wide, driving through and swinging the arms into place. The SL210 was the first lift in Rotary’s lineup to sport the technician friendly and easy to use Trio™ arms. Trio arms allow your technician to make pinpoint adjustments by sliding the adapters only and not the heavy telescoping swing arm.


For a lift to succeed in a high volume bay, speed is a big factor. While a standard SL210 has a quick full rise time of 53 seconds, a ShockWave™ equipped unit reduces that to a lighting fast 23 seconds. Couple that with a 19 second decent and you have less than a minute for a full cycle and that means more money for your shop. Our ShockWave ROI calculator can help determine just how much increased revenue you can expect, by showing the amount of time saved per bay, per day.

Unlike some of its predecessors, the SL210 has the environment in mind. Encased in a polymer cassette, there’s no in or out, so the lift is safe from the soil and the soil is safe from the lift. The high pressure cylinder design of the SL210 means it runs on 15 quarts of hydraulic fluid, compared to the 30-50 gallons needed by traditional lifts. This keeps replacement costs low, and reduces the chance of spillage.

Durability might be one of the SL210’s biggest strengths. Designed with a majority of the moving parts underground, the SL210 is inherently durable. When not in use, the plungers, hydraulic cylinder and hoses are underground and safe from typical shop debris that tends to wear on other lift types. The plungers, which provide ridged power to the arms, are coated with Smartguard™, a coating far more durable than chrome or paint found on other “comparable” lifts. These features along with a full line of rugged adapters means the SL210 is there for the long haul.

The SL210 or any of Rotary’s Smartlifts can make a huge impact on your shop’s productivity, appearance and on the environment. Consider this time proven style for your next lift purchase, and start making an impact on your shop’s bottom line.  We guarantee it to be a “smart” move. If you are interested an SL210 or any of Rotary’s full line of lifting solutions, please contact one of our knowledgeable distributors today!